Uncharted 3's UK launch brought forward to November 2

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will launch on November 2 in the UK, VG247 can reveal.

M-Easy4528d ago

Meh just means I get to pump over the dead bodies of some red coats earlier.

omi25p4527d ago

And your the reason i love party chat and dont have to listen to morons like you. Let me guess you also think i have bad teeth and love tea. Go F*ck yourself

M-Easy4527d ago

Dude its a joke calm down. I wouldn't want to talk to you anyway, you don't speak proper English, we pronounce out "T's" over here lol.

omi25p4527d ago

Wow you speak correct english. WE ARE ENGLISH YOU MORON. American isnt a nationality and never has been its just a mixture of different immigrants. So when you say you speak correct english you dont, You are speaking a mixture of french, spanish, german, italian but with english as the base.

So dont start BSing me saying you speak correct english when your hardly speaking english at all. Your entire version of english is abbreviated.

Your entire version of "english" is just shorted to make it easier to understand. Accelerator= english. Gas= American, both mean the same thing one is easier and less time consuming the other is ENGLISH.

The fact is nobody speaks "proper english" Anymore because nobody is pure english anymore.

Quagmire4527d ago

Why is it called "gas" when clearly petrol and diesel are in liquid form?

Killa_Cobra_ST4528d ago

For once Sony doing the opposite of what they're known for :D

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Pintheshadows4420d ago

The comma is giving me a nervous twitch. Decimal point. Decimal point. Decimal point.

Relientk774420d ago

I feel like 9.5 is the lowest score Uncharted 3 should recieve from any critic

ABizzel14419d ago

Unfortunately there are a couple of 8's out there, that based off every review I've read so far seems out of place, but whatever. It's generally accepted that Uncharted 3 is a 9.5 - 10 game.


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