Freedom Fighters sequel is a possibility

DSOGaming writes: "Here's some interesting news for all Freedom Fighters fans out there. When a fan asked IO Interactive via Twitter whether there would be a sequel to Freedom Fighters, the company responded that they are definitely interested in a sequel, though right now there are no plans for it as the company is focused on Hitman: Absolution."

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-EvoAnubis-2749d ago

Hell yeah, it was. I've wanted a sequel for a VERY long time. Rather have this than another Hitman game.

HebrewHammer2749d ago

I'm so down! This was the last PS2 game I playey just prior to the PS3 launch. I picked it up because I saw it at the bottom of a budget bin. Figured, "Why Not?"

I wasn't disappointed :)

NarooN2749d ago

I agree. Game was amazing. I heard they were making a sequel a long time ago, but I guess it was another one of those projects that inevitably get "pull on hold indefinitely".

Peppino72749d ago

I always heard there was a sequel being made secretly. I just hated when rumors like this that get me excited aren't true.

CaliGamer2749d ago

There are so many old IPs out there waiting to be resurected. They really need to bring Wing Commander, Tie Fighter and Privateer to consoles. Those were the best days in PC gaming IMO.

Plus, we are hurting for more space shooters this gen.

Sorry about the tangent, I'm all nostalgic.

Septic2749d ago

Ah memories.

If they do the game again they should change the story to a more plausible setting so its not USSR vs USA but USA vs Middle East and the former being the bad guys!

It would be original!

TheBand1t2749d ago

My kingdom for Freedom Fighters 2

dazzalfc2749d ago

I loved Freedom Fighters. I think theres quite a few titles from the PS2/Xbox era that need revisiting to be honest.

Another one i'd love a sequel (or a HD makeover would be sweet) is Shadow of Rome. That game was brill

Perjoss2749d ago

wow i though i was the only one that remembered this game, look at all these other Freedom Fighters fans!

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The story is too old to be commented.