The Number One Most Anticipated Xbox Game of 2012

Note: This pick is out of all Xbox games in general, not just Xbox exclusives.

E3 2011 has given us so much insight on what to look forward to in the upcoming year, 2012. Microsoft unveiled so many new gaming experiences, from a massive amount of Kinect games to YouTube on the Xbox Live dashboard. But out of the gigantic mix of games and adjustments, there is only one thing that stood out from all the upcoming technological advancements. The shining jewel has had a history with the Xbox industry from almost the very beginning. The gaming series is still very much alive to this date and will be getting much more original with the fourth installment coming Holiday 2012.

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NukaCola2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

What would it of been if Halo 4 didn't sneak out their at E3?

EDIT: @halo3blogs
Mass Effect 3 isn't an Xbox exclusive though. I was curious to know other than Halo 4, what exclusive is the biggest for 360 in 2012.

halo3blogs2750d ago

Do you mean what would be the new number one? Mass Effect 3 for sure. The Kinect integration put that game over the top. But not over Halo. I had trouble picking between ME3 and Halo, but I eventually came to a conclusion with a good argument, in my opinion.

Chug2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

ME3 makes ME3 awesome, not Kinect.

EVILDEAD3602750d ago

If you are like me then you are going to be absolutely reeling from the anmount of incredible games that will be released from September through December..

But if you are going to be honest about 360 build anticipation the closer it is to their release date.

Early March the hands down winner will be Mass Effect 3..The 360 console is the console 'core' of the Mass Effect fanbase and finishing this trilogy has to be one of the biggest priorities of ANY ME fan.

Two other anticipated franchises which had their gen debuts on the 360 and will be available to all are Ghost Recon and Bioshock Infinite.

The Sleeper for 2012 will be if GTA 5 is announced and released in the 'Red Dead/LA. Noire' timeslot which is now OWNED by Rockstar.

Kinect 2.0 goes into Full swing and the most anticipated releases will be

Fable: The Journey
Project Draco
Steel Battalion

EA's entire major sports line-up w/ Kinect controls (Madden 13, Fifa 13, Tiger Woods 13, and bet is Fight Night 13)

But the last but clearly not least anticipated title will be the 300-pound gorilla..Halo 4 (The return of Master Chief)

Mark my year WILL be the final holiday line-up before 720 arrives for holiday 2013.


2750d ago
BattleAxe2750d ago, what a massive revelation. I had no idea that HALO4 would ever be the most anticipated 360 game for 2012.

teething2750d ago

Is the writer joking??? Halo 3 left the door wide open for a sequel. They had every intention of milking it dry. Just like how a next gen harry potter book series will eventually arrive... Just like how there will be a modern warfare 4... Just like how the ps4 will arive far before the 10 year lifespan...

ScubaSteve12750d ago

sure, explain that to the lazy people who are to lazy to click an answer

EVILDEAD3602749d ago

@ Apophis,

I'd say the PC ME series the so called "Core". I remember ME on PC being hailed as the definitive version and ME2 is just as great.

We are talking about consoles. When any media talks of 360, PS3 and Wii sales, yiu DO know there is a reason the PC is not apart of the equation. It's because it not a console and never was.

How is the PC the definitive version when people played the first one with a 360 controller and #2 didnt even have controller support.

The rest of the comment is just the usual fan kid blah blah blah..we get it..same day different $%^&..yawn

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halo3blogs2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

This pick is not supposed to be from Xbox exclusive titles, just Xbox titles in general.

mendicant2750d ago


Oh I get it. That was another "not enough exclusives" jab.

They should announce a bunch of exclusives that no one will buy, spreading themesleves too thin and then have their fan base say that's hardcore because they released a bunch of mediocre games.

Boody-Bandit2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

mendicant I'm not sure I follow your logic at all. Wouldn't you rather have several good to great exclusive with 1 or 2 blockbusters thrown in a year as opposed to 2 or 3 exclusives (geared towards their mainstream audience) for the entire year? I know I would.

How is having a huge selection spreading yourself too thin when the manufacturer is usually just the money man (publisher) and not the developer? If anything it would prove to us all that MS is for real about this industry with having a ton of support vs having less support now than they did when they entered the industry.

I still wonder how MS is going to get their stockholder support to warrant bringing out another new console with only a few studios on board now. The fab four (Fable, Forza, Halo & Gears) is getting a little long in the tooth when there is next to know variety to fall back on between their releases other than multiplat titles.

JeffGUNZ2750d ago

This exclusive debate is so pathetic. Who cares if they are exclusive or not, as long as you can play the game on your system, then great. Christ, Mass Effect 3, BF3, CODMW3, are examples of games that are multiplat coming out this year that are going to be monsters.

Boody-Bandit2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Exclusives differentiate one console from the next. They do matter and I don't see how a rational person could or would debate other wise.

Say the next 3 consoles all release the same year and weeks to months apart. They have similar specs and offer nearly the same experience. What would be your deciding factor for which one to choose out of the gate?

For me personaly, and most gamers I know? It comes down to exclusives. I am a hardcore 360 gamer but in 2011, other than a couple multiplat titles, I have barely used my 360 this year. The PS3 is getting most of my attention now. That's not fanboy speak, just reality.

MS needs more studio support. We are still waiting on our first exclusive title for this calendar year. Well those of us that are not into Kinect.

@4D below
Give MS a chance?
They have less studio support (for their core audience) now than they did at the start of this generation. They are moving backwards, not forward. <- That is being brutally honest.

4D2750d ago

How long has Sony been in the video games business? If my memory is correct it has been since 1995. How many studios have they purchased in that time or built?

Give Microsoft a chance to build or acquire their own software development studio's. First and foremost Microsoft is running a business. They have to be profitable. It's going to take time to get to the level of Nintendo or Sony's internal software development support.

Maybe 360 owners don't have as many exclusives to choose from as PS3 or Wii owners do. But the exclusives they do release are appealing to their owners as evidenced by the high sales numbers and the 3rd party support is excellent.

People act like their are no games for the 360 when that is so far from the truth...

ksense2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )


littlebigplanet 2 - 92 metacritic rating
Killzone 3 - 84
mlb 11 show - 90
socom 4 - 67
motorstorm - 77
infamous 2- 82

not sure if I would call them mediocre games with socom 4 being the exception. The only games that are better than all or most of them on that list that is multiplatform this year so far are portal 2, dead space 2 and la noire. mortal kombat falls in there too. I may have missed some but those are the major ones I know.

so lets see xbox 360 only people only had 4 good games to choose from for the year so far and ps3 fans get those games plus the other 6 to choose from. I am not sure which is better. you tell me

Chug2750d ago

C'mon everybody. We should all know that exclusives don't matter anymore. It's not 2007.


MOTY2750d ago

Well lets see here.

Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon will be multiplats...but will the PS3 be able to use voice commands to play Mass Effect 3? Nope, so I guess since I own Kinect, that EXCLUSIVE feature will only be on the 360. I know what console I am buying my Mass Effect 3 on.

Will Ghost Recon on the PS3 be able to use controller less motion controls to customize weapons?
Nope, so I guess since I own Kinect, that EXCLUSIVE feature will only be on the 360. I know what console I am buying Ghost Recon on.

Games don't have to be exclusive in order to differentiate consoles from each other, it's the features that each console and their peripherals bring to the games that other consoles and games don't have.

Exclusives are great if you are interested in them, just as much as exclusive features in games that are on different consoles.

Am I interested in KZ3, Socom 4, LBP 2, Motorstorm? Nope, so the fact that those games differentiate competing consoles, they hold no barring on me whether they exist or not. It just means I have another game in the PS3 library to choose from. I would rater buy Battlefield 3 than KZ3. It's great to have the choice, but KZ3 being exclusive doesn't make me think the PS3 is in a better position than other consoles simply because of a few "exclusive" games.

I have a PS3 and 360 and I play mainly on my 360 because I think XBL is far superior than PSN and worth my money. I like the way the dash is set up better than XMB. I like the features that XBL offers over PSN. I LOVE the 360 controller over the PS3 controller.

Plenty of things exist on each console that differentiates them from each other. Not just the games.

Why o why2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Good for you moty.. Ill be playing those same games you'll probably state you dont like...infamous2 yakuza, mlb, yeah i know not your thing, plus last guardian uncharted 3... I know i know. These dont excite you. Of course these are not the only thing that defines a console but it IS the main whether you like the games or with it

Some people like extra games. Many 360 guys used to be just how ps3 fans are you want proof or is it a fingers in the ears thing. Even if just 1 of the extra games from an array of 'dont wants' brings you joy you should be happier than if there were no extra games at all. Its not costing us anything if whoever gives us more of what many of us want which is games. You act like having more choice is a bad thing.

thenickel2750d ago

why o why, Kinect is more choice and when you add in it's exclusive the 360 tops PS3 this year. I agree games are the reason I play but MS has in no way not delivered exclusives. It's just some of them now must be played with Kinect and may actually be good. Then there is GEOW3,F3 and Halo CEA! So yeah 360 is doing good even though people ignore it's more choice.

Why o why2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

sorry nickel but kinect x y an z are NOT in the same ilk as gears and halo and REAL fable...quit with that crap. We all know what exclusives are. Im talking retail. Im not for any second saying xbl games or kinect games aren't real, any less enjoyable or worth it but c'mon man...behave you know when people people used to talk about exclusives they meant proper retail so going by that we're 7 months into the year and none have been released. Im not saying they wont deliver but sorry the types that come to sites like these are the halo, gears and forza types NOT the kinect sports and kinectimals types

thenickel2750d ago

Why don't you cut the crap and listen to yourself. Wii used motion control gaming and it's games were exclusive yet when 360 does it they're not considered exclusive? WTF man make up your mind. Exclusives are exclusives and since you want to keep talking about quantity rather then quality it's fair to throw in Kinect as well. Another thing that's different and the same is much more multi platform games exist now then before and still giving you a better (in most cases) experience. Once MS answers this exclusive nonsense I wonder what the next excuse will be.

Solidus187-SCMilk2750d ago

HAha if you guys want choice just get both consoles. I have both so I can play any game I want. Xbox has less exclusives but I dont care because I dont even buy all of those. The only exclusive I got so far this year was infamous 2. I will get gears 3, uncharted 3, and probably halo HD as my only other exclusives.

The rest are gonna multiplats because there are too many games, and I have to pick my only some out of my top games overall. Even combining my ps3 and 360 exclusives, I buy way more multiplats still.

You people always argue about having more selection then each other, its not like people cant play both ps3 and 360 exclusives and multiplats.

cooperdnizzle2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

MOTY, Kinect is crap.. If your buying a game because of that your not a true gamer. O mass effect you can use voice commands. Hahahaha that was done like ten years ago and nobody cares about it. And saying you have no interest in games like LBP or killzone just makes it more apparent that you are not a true gamer. I own 360 ps3 and a wii, not to mention almost every other console ever released. And me personally, will play any game that looks worth it.

Now i own a high end pc, does it have way better graphics then what the console offer? Yes it sure does, fact!! Does the 360 have some good exclusive? In my opinion only one gears of war. Halo is overrated and to main stream.(Just like high School musical sold more tickets then the Departed "Martin Scorsese" film. Does that mean high school musical is better>?) Those games just aren't that good. I own a kinect was it a waste of money? For sure, it just sits there and collects dust because the games they released for it are crap. Ps3, does it have a huge library of games? It sure does, way more than any other gaming device out there. Not to mention great games for all types. Is psn better then xbox live? No xbox live does have better community with there games and some better features. Do i have to pay for it? You bet.

This is how it is. If people here would take the time and money to get all of what the gaming world has to offer it would be an all around win for everyone. "If you really love gaming you would see the strengths of what each company has to offer. Sony does things better than xbox. Xbox does things better than sony. Wii has the best causal games on the market. If ya have a girl friend or friends who aren't supper hard core. And pc will give ya the best performance of them all. These are just facts.

And if ya owned all of them you would have no bias toward any of them, and could sit back and stop this stupid fanboy war and enjoy gaming. And maybe just maybe, we could get back to a smart mature community of people and argue about things that really matter. This is why the rest of the world sees gamin as a lame hobby and we get so much crap. And game reviewers need to do the same. Gaming journalism is the biggest joke, gaming industry might just turn into the music industry. Then were all going to be screwed it will be nothing more then all about the money.

That was long know one will read it. But ehh someone had to say it.

mendicant2750d ago


I don't see what's so hard to follow. Owning a bunch of studios is bulletpoint.

It doesn't equal revenue, good games or a supportive fanbase. It allows people to hope on forums and say "My console has more exclusives/studios than your console.

Microsoft is selling games and making money hand over fist. Why would their stockholders worry about the next console?

They have more studios than you listed and second it doesen't matter. Owning a bunch of studios does not equal good games or success. If anything it's a burden to have to support a bunch of studios all trying to put out games into a crowded market that people won't buy.

mendicant2750d ago


I don't go by review scores and most reviewers don't even like using them because it's stupid.

I'd much rather read a well written review that explains the point of view of the author than simply look at a letter or number. You posting reveiw scores is irrelevant and does nothing for your argument.

Out of the games you listed the only one I thought was good was LBP2. The rest I either played and liked or had no interest in.

I'm not a "PS3 fan" or a "360 fan." I'm a gamer so I won't miss out on anything that's worth playing on any console. It's not about how many games you're releasing or announcing, it's about how fun they are.

I find PS3 games (with few exceptions) to be overrated. For example, Infamous 2 did nothing for me. I got a few hours into it and then traded it in. That's supposed to be a AAA exclusive that I should be jealous of if I don't have a PS3?

Killzone 3 is another one. That game got super hyped. I still play from time to time but it's average at best. If it wasn't for Uncharted and the Ico games my PS3 would be a blu-ray machine that sometimes plays games.

Either way it goes I have plenty to play for a while. All this talk of no games is just that, talk.

mendicant2750d ago


You hit the nail on the head, excellent points made.

MOTY2750d ago

@ cooperdnizzle

"MOTY, Kinect is crap.. If your buying a game because of that your not a true gamer."

- Such an ignorant comment. 15 million owners of Kinect trump your 1 bias opinion. Your "opinion" on what is a "true gamer" is also extremely flawed as to me a "true gamer" is someone who is willing to accept other means of playing games and not shunning them. You are hardly a "true gamer" if you are not open minded enough to accept companies OFFERING different ways to experience playing games.

Ghost recon will be playable using a controller. But there is an EXCLUSIVE FEATURE for those who would like to experience the game either the same way with a controller or a different unique way with an optional feature.

Your ignorance is blinding.

"Ps3, does it have a huge library of games? It sure does, way more than any other gaming device out there."

WRONG. The 360 has a larger library than the PS3 and you can thank the early launch of the 360 for that. Get your facts straight if you are going to bring in an argument.

Speaking of arguments, what the hell is your argument? If you are just talking about kinect then you have missed your own point. YOU JUST SAID YOU HAVE KINECT. Why would you buy a Kinect if you are not interested in either the device or the games that were announced? Seems a little odd you would have something in which you look down on. I think you are lying about owning the Kinect and I won't believe your lies.

Your argument is not only flawed and your rational extremely skewed, your "facts" and "opinions" are about as real as Pam Anderson's breasts.

Get your "facts" straight and do your research.

2750d ago
baodeus2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )


How can a person not interested in a game, LBP for example, and they are not true gamer? I don't get it.

1. can they like other games like Halo, UC, etc...instead of KZ or LBP and can still be consider gamer? Like i only like certain Genra (RPG/fighting/TPS/Action adventure/Racing) and i hate FPS (KZ for example) and not interest in LBP -> hence i'm not a true gamer?

It doesn't make any sense at all dude. U are projecting your own ideas/interest onto others thinking they think the same when frankly i'm pretty sure u might not like certain games yourself.

And yes, u do need to get some facts straight before posting as well as trying to be more consistent (u totally change your view from earlier -> end of the post). U can list any genra of games for ps3 (right now), and i can list as many games if not more on x360, that if you are willing to spend time looking them up. Anyone can join in as well.

cooperdnizzle2749d ago


Sony came out with the eye toy fool, look it up. They used the same tech as kinect. You can see it on you tube. Almost the same games that are offered now by m$ kinect. And the kinect is not near 15 million, the last m$ has released is that it has 10 million shipped not sold. You are really really bias. Look up that video i mentioned and you'll see, unless you can't take off you're fanboy glasses. And you say it right in you're response, M$ are close to the 15 million sold by now. YOUR PULLING THAT # OUT OF THIN AIR. You are the fanboy who probably only owns a 360, ill give ya my ps3 gamer id if ya want me to show, along with my steam id and 360 gamer ID. And i also own a wii. I am not a fanboy, i state facts. Unlike you, your a true fanboy. I own every system and know the truth.

And then ya write me then block me. hahaha you can't even take the shit you dish out. Lame fanboy, and i know you are.

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StanLee2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

With the exception of Uncharted, I find most PS3 exclusives mediocre, regardless of critical reception. Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance, Infamous, they're all kind of "meh", take 'em or leave 'em. Good games but there's just something missing. They just don't immediately pop into the social consciousness as great franchises. They're more like check boxes for PS3 fanboys to brag about even though the only thing that make's them "good" is the adulation of critics. The same critics these fanboys take to task everyday for the review scores given to games like Halo and Call of Duty. Ironic right?

Why o why2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

So ps3 fanboys brag about exclusives and 360 fanboys brag about it;)

Nothing wrong with the choice or more games of a wider variety on top of multiplats dude. It used to be all the rage. Remember the 'Perfect storm' and ms and their fans lauding 07/08's lineups......right it was the exclusives. The multis were also on the ps but the exclusives according to x,y and z made the difference. Like i said before the hate for exclusives and excellent console graphics have been some of the biggest goalpost shifts this gen. Bigger than the 'we dont want rumble or achievements' shifts. Its been amusing especIally since some of he same members comments from back then are still viewable.

The thing that may be 'missing' stan is your xbox to play those games on so your good dr why suggests you get a 360 converter so you can play these extra games with your prefered controller.

EVILDEAD3602750d ago

'Its been amusing especIally since some of he same members comments from back then are still viewable.'

LOL @ WHy o why

Your still visible as the 'fans' you criticize..and the hilarious part is YOU were a troll from your first post and here you are now still in 360 articles...doing what?

You didn't even actually respond to what he was pointing out about the exclusives..instead you are reminiscing about a point NOBODY

Stop trying so hard..we will make it hate the 360..end of go suport your PS3 games and call it a day..why waste all your bubbles in hate mode?

Just a thought

Kur02750d ago Show
TruthSeeker2750d ago

There really isnt an huge exclusives for 360 next year.

VictoriousB132750d ago

How is Halo 4 not a huge exclusive for 360 next year?

TruthSeeker2750d ago

I meant other that Halo 4. my bad.

TheBatman_Fanatic2750d ago

true lol PS3 is a must have console, if you don't have one, your missing out!

otherZinc2750d ago

Right again, but dont forget the 60 hour Mass Effect 1 game VS the 15minute ME1 comic for PS3.

I'll also say this:

Halo 4:
Whoever thinks M$ would release Halo 4 to "New" buyers of XBOX 720 to total 3+million new buyers VS 60+million 360 owners on November 2012 has ZERO Business acumen!

Also, the mediocrity of the 2011 PS3 exclusives are forgettable: SOCOM 4, Killzone 3, & Infamous 2 are all below average games that the masses didn't even buy & are no longer playing. LBP 2 should be a PSN title & I didn't see why someone would spend $60 on it.

Uncharted 3 beta: who the hell is excited for that atrocious 3 man co-op that had that wack AI? That beta was terrible. Pre-orders following are also terrible; Gears 3 beta had a jump in pre-orders during the beta. Great beta for Gears 3.

I'd rather M$ spend all their R&D time on well made exclusives that are going to do well at retail, not mediocre forgettable titles to throw at the consumer just to say we have a bunch of games. Quality should be #1.

Caffo012750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

"I'd rather M$ spend all their R&D time on well made exclusives THAT ARE GOING TO DO WELL AT RETAIL"

oh, now i understand why you don't care about exclusives, you play sales!!!

otherZinc2750d ago


If the exclusive isn't a "truly great game", it wont sell well, right? Also, the game will have very good replay value; & worth $60.

Caffo012750d ago

That's not true...look at cod (i know it isn't an exclusive but you get the point)..

MOTY2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

@ Caffo01

The argument is about exclusives and you bring in a multiplat and say "You get the point". No Caffo01, no I don't get the point. Despite what the small MW haters think on this site, MW is a good franchise as can be seen by the sales. The only ones that hate on MW are the Sony fanboys who are upset that MW on the PS3 sells higher than their precious exclusives like the KZ's and Resistance's.

Otherzinc is right. I would rather have a couple Juggernaut exclusive titles than a bunch of average, mediocrity titles.

It amazes me that just a couple years ago the Sony fanboys were pounding their chests screaming "QUALITY OVER QUANTITY" and now that the tables have turned, the PS3 fanboys are screaming the exact opposite and ignoring that MS still has more exclusives released this year than what was released on the PS3. But exclusive Kinect games don't count becauses it's Kinect while when talking about which console is in 1st place, the Sony fanboys keep bringing up the Wii as the #1 console in sales. To the Sony fanboys, motion control only counts if it's Wii or PS3, other than that there is no other competitor and any games that are associated with that other competing motion control device isn't considered a "real" game thus doesn't count as an MS exclusive.

Sales for Sony's titles are depressing at best and the reviews for their "big" name, "heavy" hitter titles are just above average.

GT5 - incomplete game with terrible reviews
Socom 4 - DoA with terrible sales and reviews
LBP2 - good reviews, bad sales. The novelty has worn off and even Media Molecule said that they are taking a step back from the LPB franchise.
Infamous 2 - Poor selling franchise and average reviews
Resistance - average franchise with poor sales.
Killzone 2 - piss poor sales and depleting reviews for arguably Sony's flagship FPS.

Gears 3 this year will get 90+ average meta score and will once again be the biggest selling exclusive this year.
Forza 4 - will once again get a 90+ meta average like every Forza title thus far and will outsell Forza 3, which outsold Forza 2 which outsold Forza.

Sure there may not be as many exclusives (non kinect related) but those exclusives that MS will be releasing will sell more than any Sony exclusive sold this year because MS focuses on games that cater to the greater gaming demographics.

TheRacingX2750d ago

you probably never played 1/2 of those games first off, 2ndly, just because there is a jump in pre orders means its a good beta? dumbass, there's a jump in preorders because people like you just want to play the game...period. More than likely that's because they have nothing else to play on their 360's. M$ will never learn how to spread the wealth, they will always put their eggs in one basket (Halo) and milk it forever, shame really, the 1st Xbox was awesome, had great exclusives, Mechassault, Crimson Skies, Project Gotham, Conker, Brute Force, even Doom 3 was console exclusive to them. What happened? how did you say it? not very good business acumen......oh, and don't think for a minute they wont launch another system without Halo leading the way, they know sheep like you will be 1st in line......that's THEIR business acumen.

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subtenko2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

well all knew that it was gonna be a halo title xD nothing surprising there x)

btw, why are my fellow M$ fans on here switching arguments? Shesh yall need to grow up cause what other people are saying is so true. Saying the ps3 has alot of games and now I see comments on here saying they rather have a few good games? Um, sorry but I own a ps3 too and the ps3 has A LOT of good games.

Again, maybe you guys should buy more than one console as both have been out long enough to afford with a 2 weeks paycheck...

Shepherd 2142750d ago

Seems like a fair statement to me. The game that single-handedly saved the Xbox brand from extinction is what Xbox gamers are most excited for.

Nothing wrong with that, hopefully it will be great like the others.

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Wizziokid2750d ago

it's the only core exclusive I can even think of for 360 next year :|

halo3blogs2750d ago

Well I'm not just judging from the exclusives, just all the Xbox games in general, so ME3, BioShock Infinite, Ghost Recon: Future Solder ect., they all count.

kingdoms2750d ago Show
cereal_killa2750d ago

2009 says hello kingdoms you must still be waiting for those exclusives to be announced. This new delusion of 360 only owners make me laugh you're still living in 2007 where you had plenty more games all to your self now it's the same lines over and over "M$ doesnt announce games years before release" "wait for E3, GDC, TGS etc".... just face the facts M$ doesn't care because you're so brainwashed that no matter what you'll accept anything they give you even if it's 1 exclusive a year for the next 2 years you'll be happy, raise the price of Live'll be happy, abandon the 360 when the new console comes out ....who cares I'll get 3 right away. No matter what you will never complain.

halo3blogs2750d ago

I updated the article with a note so everyone knows this is picked from Xbox games in general. Not just exclusive titles.

IcarusOne2750d ago

I gott say: meh. Ever since the uber-disappointing story of Halo 2, I've been luke warm on this franchise. I liked Reach a lot and I'm curious to see what a new studio does with the game and story, but it's a mild curiosity. We'll see as it gets closer I guess.

Ron_Danger2750d ago

Uber-dissapointing?! What other game features a cameo from the talking plant from Little Shop of Horrors??

I keed, I keed...

As long as they keep the same type of fomula than fans should be happy with it... Not like how Zipper gave true Socom fans the finger with Socom 4...

shayol33t2749d ago

I guess no ones allowed to have an opinion any more than. You know, like all the people hating on ps3 exclusives. Bit hypocritical.

Regardless, I don't mind, I own both consoles, so im playing these games either way, and I'm going to enjoy it :)

lazertroy2750d ago

There are just too many to choose from(Sarcastic).