Eurogamer Super Mario Galaxy Review - 10/10

Super Mario Galaxy is an embarrassment. It's an embarrassment for platform games. It's an embarrassment for adventure games. It's an embarrassment for Nintendo and an embarrassment for the Wii. What have we all been playing at in the ten years since Super Mario 64 came out? This is what gaming ought to be like.

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forum_crawler6050d ago

What does that have to do with them reviewing SMG?

solar6051d ago

im getting a Wii bit impatient waiting for this game....

Marceles6051d ago

yup...one more LONG week :(

the worst6051d ago (Edited 6051d ago )

im playing it now
thanks 2 my wiikey
super mario galaxy is great
im at the galaxy
where you need 18 star 2 open
(reply) no the us version i have

solar6051d ago

i take it your playing the import? i envy you...

ActionBastard6051d ago (Edited 6051d ago )

There have been more 10/10 this gen of gaming, than in the history of gaming. This is ridiculous. While I don't dispute Mario Galaxy will be a great game, 10/10 is crazy. As was it with Bioshock.

EDIT: Prove it. I can show you this gen. Show me the reviews to back your claims. OR just stfu.

TheSadTruth6051d ago

uh.. no..did you just decided to make that statistic up? Back in the day the internet generally wasn't used for game reviews, or at all for that matter and everyone relied on magazines.. and I'm sure SNES and n64 and PSX had much more "perfect" games than any gen following, games are held to higher standards now

Biphter6051d ago

Back before the internet, eighties/early 90's, no game ever got a straight 10 (Or 100% as most mags rated in percentage back then). The first game I remember getting a 10 was FFVII on PS1 and that was after the internet had been "invented". Back in the day if a game got above 95% it was regarded "Perfect".

PS3 Limps on and on6051d ago

... I don't know why I said that.

cooke156051d ago

Holy crap. Eurogamer has never given a 10/10 if i recall correctly

Peekay6051d ago

Halo 3, Bioshock, PGR4 - just lately. If i got 5 cents for every 10/10 they throw at a 360 game, i'd be a rich man. Do you mean for the Wii?

MK_Red6051d ago

Good one Peekay. They've been giving too many 10/10s lately. The stupid thing is that they gave Gears 8/10!

BTW, is that Sub-Zero in your avatar? It's uber awesome :)