The Worst 15 Fatalities in "Mortal Kombat" History

Like any child reared in the 1990s, few things in gaming were as cool as a Mortal Kombat fatality. Whether it was Sub-Zero getting his Predator 2 on with the spine rip or Scorpion lighting some poor kombatant aflame (TOASTY!), nothing capped off a win like a satisfyingly brutal fatality.

However, not all fatalities are created equal. For every Kung Lao slicing his opponent in half in MK2, there’s something that just makes you stare at the screen and go “Wait..what?”
Whether it was a failed attempt at humor or being very clear Ed Boon’s posse were rushed for time, some fatalities have been wildly off the mark.

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acemonkey2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

some on the new one suck...but Supermans heroic looks like Jax new Fatality But it dont shocks me that MK vs DC is on most of the list lol

Pozzle2751d ago

Which ones in the new game suck? I don't mean to sound snippy, I'm genuinely curious since I haven't used them all yet.

acemonkey2751d ago

i think i misword myself....some look the same as the ones before but ill look at them and let u know which ones i thought was stupid or whatever i think....i think most of the Fatalities look the same as the did in other games just in HD or they grap the head or something like that...but heres my list

1.Smokes: Smokes out
2.Cyber Zero: All of them
3.Kratos: Second Fatality i forget the name of
4.Kenish:where he throws you up against the screen

Pozzle2750d ago

Fair enough. I don't usually play as Smoke or Cyber Subzero so that probably explains why I haven't come across them yet.