Sony rep dismisses PSP redesign plans

The article predicts the arrival of a new version of the PSP in March, claiming that developers have already "been briefed on Sony's plans". It goes on to say that according to "sources familiar with its development", the new PSP will be "thinner and lighter" than the original model.

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RelloC4455d ago

Where the hell did they think of a great idea like that??? Oh, that's right....

amrasmord4455d ago

and where did THEY get that from? Answer: Sony PSone and Sony PS2 slimline.

bung tickler4454d ago

amrasmord everything sony is they have thanks to the stealing of ideas from nintendo... thats how the ps1 started you noob...

Arsenic134455d ago

why is this not head line news !, hello the headline is wrong !

Marriot VP4455d ago

Why the heck would they try to redesign the PSP, that's the least of their problems right now by far.

Gamer134455d ago

This is how they take all the cash away from sony true fanboys.

Sad case.

Ive got a psp and i won,t be buying the new design psp if it do come out.