Why I Don’t Like Open World Games Anymore

GameJudgment's Patrick O'Rourke says,

"I used to love open world games; now I don’t.

For me part of the appeal of open world gaming was experimentation and exploration. Discovering new things about the game, secret areas, learning to fly the dodo (it was quite an accomplishment actually) and just generally exploring every tiny corner of the game’s vibrant world, defined open world games."

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EYEamNUMBER12663d ago

the reason i think open world games are somewhat stale is because the open world doesn't really do much

take read dead redemption for example
it was open world and the world was big but at least 60% or more of it was completely empty and i spent more time going from point a to b on my horse than anything else

i don't dislike open worlds but they sure could use some work

Peaceful_Jelly2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

That's exactly why I have never liked open world games. The only sandbox game I have ever liked was Oblivion because that game's packed with stuff and Skyrim looks soooo sick!

fluffydelusions2663d ago

La noire was pretty good but no real reason to explore it.

pixelsword2663d ago

I dislike almost all of them because in a wide city, you can only go into less than 1% of the buildings. On weekends, sometimes I wander through areas and go into businesses, so most sandbox games are incompatible with my personality.

milohighclub2663d ago

I think that games have become to easy, developers should always include the option to turn off extra help in the game turn off arrows and hints e.g Batman should include a dark knight mode, in which you have to remember stuff to get you from A to B instead of been told where to go.

SilentNegotiator2663d ago

They need to make smaller, more populated open worlds.

But "Well populated" isn't as good of a marketing line as "5 billion square miles!!"

SilentNegotiator2663d ago

Too many people hear "Grand Theft Auto" when "Open world" is said.

But I mean, I was just playing KOTOR2. It's ALMOST open world. You can't hardly go 10 yards without meeting a significant character, finding resources, getting into a battle, finding a game to play, etc. Those are the sort of elements that can make for a great open world game; Open world doesn't have to mean "boring, nothing-to-do, concrete jungle"

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Rowland2663d ago

sad story - this poor chap hasn't played RPG's at all.

xhedleyx2663d ago

Doesn't he mention he played Final Fantasy XIII in it....

skip2mylou2663d ago

thats not even close to the open world rpgs

acemonkey2663d ago

i havent played rpg..played New Vegas but stop playin it after it froze and messed up and lagged every 5 secs for me..but i pre order Skyrim,Dead Island and Rage... so maybe this year be the year i turn into a RGP fanboy

KwietStorm2663d ago

What did you think New Vegas was?

acemonkey2663d ago

A RPG that sucked...that had a tons of bugs that messed up me wanting to play a RPG...didnt mean havent played RPG..some people think or would say GTA's are RPGs

Rowland2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

how are Morrowind/Oblivion/Fallout 3/New Vegas/Witcher etc worlds stale ? !!! - these are some of the most stunning, vibrant, haunting, punchy & exciting worlds in gaming per se.

You clearly haven't experienced these adult RPG's which have all won awards & critical acclaim for their game world design.

Urrakia342663d ago

What? Did you even read the article man? He never called any of those franchises stale.

jon12342663d ago

hes saying that those are games the author should have played that are recent, open world and awesome

jon12342663d ago

oh thats so true, i was reading this and thinking damn i havent played a game that had me hooked and was open world, but fallout 1,2,3 and vegas were awesome, i recently played 1 , 2 and vegas and they are all awesome , i miss playing them after i beat it :'(

newhumanbreed2663d ago

Hey article author, you may need to hire an editor. Your grammar is poor.

pat_11_52663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I realize I'm not the greatest editor, I've taken a few courses but it's never been my strong suite...

If your referring to my short, choppy writing style that's just how I roll with my prose. I can't do much about that.

I really don't see any errors though so I'm not sure what you've found. Feel free to PM me anything.

dgonza402663d ago

wow, handled with class :p

newhumanbreed2662d ago

I see plenty of errors, but I rather not get into it. The only reason I said that was because it was difficult reading your article without having to correct your writing in my head.

pat_11_52663d ago

I'm not saying they're stale... I'm saying I just don't have the time to play them anymore.

Fallout was a great game, but at this current point in my life I don't have the time to explore it's vast world. I only completed the main story campaign.

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