GTA Trilogy Cheats That Are Missing in Definitive Edition

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition has put a new coat of paint on old beloved titles, but a few memorable cheats have been lost.

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Snookies12982d ago

I could deal with missing tracks, despite the fact that Take-Two and Rockstar could have EASILY paid up the money to keep them in the game. But cutting content like this is where I say, no thanks. I also initially wanted to get this on Switch, as I thought it would be really cool having these games portable. Turns out the Switch version is terrible, not that any other version is much better.

I wasn't expecting full-on remakes. And the upgraded textures and models are definitely nice. It's just a shame they didn't put work into anything else, and ended up making worse versions of classic games. Not even going to start on the frame stuttering issues...

porkChop982d ago

I haven't noticed any frame stuttering on my Series X, but the more I play the more bugs and glitches I start seeing.

Snookies12982d ago (Edited 982d ago )

Yeah, I can't confirm whether it happens on PS5/Series X, but on my Series S it certainly has frame issues. Played San Andreas for like 15 minutes and had noticeable drops multiple times.

alberttjohn8980d ago

I can't confirm whether it happens on PS5/Series X, but on my Series S it certainly has frame issues.


I Really Want GTA 6 To Borrow These Features From GTA: San Andreas

Hannan from eXputer: "GTA San Andreas was released close to 2 decades ago but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have features that I want to see in the upcoming GTA 6."

badboyz0924d ago

Bully2,ManHunt3,MidnightClub5, LA Noire 2

we will never see these games again

VenomUK24d ago

I really want GTA: VI to borrow these features from Skyrim: magical swords, statistics that you can level up, the Thieve's Guild, stores where you can buy and sell items references to an arrow in the knee and... Belethor.

Knightofelemia24d ago

I would kill for an LA Noire 2 of course I would also kill if Valve made L4D3 as well.

Knightofelemia24d ago

I want to be able to port my GTA V character to GTA 6 and having the character involved in the story would be great.

bloop24d ago

I just want it to be a classic GTA experience. That's not asking a lot, but I doubt we'll get it.


15 Best PS2 Open World Games Ever Made

With plenty of open world games to choose from on the PlayStation 2, narrowing down the list to just the 15 best is quite the difficult task.

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SimpleSlave29d ago

Those games were pretty mid. In fact, I'm surprised they even put The Getaway: Black Monday. But they left out much better games like Way of the Samurai 1-2, Okami, Jak 2 or 3, Final Fantasy 12, Yakuza 1-2, or SSX 3.