Activision bringing another James Bond game to Comic-Con

Activision offers no additional details in its Comic-Con event invite, but it wouldn't be a surprise if that James Bond title was the recently outed Goldeneye Reloaded, a game that may have been unofficially revealed via its domain registration.

jony_dols4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

Goldeneye Reloaded for PS3 & Xbox 360 would be EPIC!

Imagine how amazing the multiplayer will be.....But it better have 4-person splitscreen like the 'ol N64 version!

The only bad thing about this, is that I don't like giving Activision money!

EYEamNUMBER14471d ago

would it really be EPIC?
i played the wii version and while the game was alright there was nothing EPIC about it
i don't really think an updated version of the wii game which i can be 100 bucks it is will be that big a deal

Bull5hifT4471d ago

007 Agent Under Fire HD... Lol

DarkFantasy4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

yeah it was pretty much a cod clone it was ok but the wiimote kept pissing me off,if they make this 007 a cod clone hopefuly they don't clone it's horrible hit boxes seriously idk how many time i died behind a wall when some one shot the door way..gets me mad just thinking about it -_-.

it's all like "oh No a bullet flew behind me -dies- despite the fact it never hit me"

ATiElite4471d ago


Activision makes other games besides Call of Duty!

Get out of here! sarc/

How about a remake of Pitfall seeing how everyone is getting their Uncharted clones together.

matey4471d ago

Activusion want 3DS version of Goldeneye i think WiiU/3DS as Nintendo hold some kind of rights

Droid Control4471d ago


Excuse me while i throw up...


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