Gamespot - From Dust Hands-On Preview - Playing with Fire

In the stylish, downloadable god game From Dust your powers may be divine, but they're far from limitless. The brainchild of game developer Eric Chahi, creator of the classic PC action game Out of This World, this game puts you in control of a benevolent deity called forth by a band of wayward villagers. For those who played Peter Molyneux's Black & White, you'll feel right at home here. However, the only humor you'll find is what you make yourself by tormenting your loyal followers. You can help (or hinder) them by transplanting different types of terrain to guide them through a barren world. We went hands-on with the game and tried to keep the accidental casualties to a minimum.

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sonicsidewinder2662d ago

From Dust I Will Rise...

Should be on PC at the same time. Hell PS3 should get it at the same time.

Timed exclusive BS.

Liqvid2661d ago

It seems that it'll be released on Steam the same day as the XBLA, July 27th.

rbluetank2662d ago

this game looks very good. a type of game like this need to be release on all platforms at the same time. this might backfire the succeess of this game.