PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October 2016

Posted by Greg Lewickyj on Sep 28, 2016 // PlayStation Plus Content Partnership Manager

Hey PS Plus members, let’s get in the Halloween spirit with this month’s free games lineup for October, 2016.

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UCForce2849d ago

Oh my god,I really want to play Transformer Devastation. And Resident Evil is free on PS+. YES ! https://youtu.be/IuBQkdsajV...

SniperControl2849d ago

I dont have either, so cool.

Sony have stepped it up in the last couple months with there PS+ offerings.

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Kingthrash3602848d ago

Ok....while I still dislike the price increase. ...if this keeps up I can see why they increased it. This is how it was back in the ps3 days where AAA games were the norm.

FITgamer2848d ago

Nice month. Will definitely be playing both of these.

ifistbrowni2848d ago

I bought RE at launch and still haven't played. *sad face*

could've saved $20. Oh well.

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freshslicepizza2848d ago

good selection but when are they going to drop vita and ps3 games?


Two great months in a row. I can't complain.

BigLurch2848d ago

I suppose the only way is up for their free games.....but anyone thinking this is good obviously hasn't seen the competitors offerings lately.

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UCForce2848d ago

@Green-gangsta I report you for spamming.

bouzebbal2848d ago

awesome.. they just stepped it up

Good-Smurf2848d ago

Yeah,for Asian PS+ members got Gravity Rush Remastered for September didn't realized that until last week,like an early birthday present surprise for me!
And now this I think I'll try Transformers,as I already bought RE remaster.

Deadpooled2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )


You and others should have reported that comment by greengangster as 'inappropriate', easy way for mods to comment ban him/her. (I think I might be on that list soon lol).

on topic - Resident Evil definitely one to look forward to in a few days time, Transformers looks alright as well.

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Gazondaily2848d ago

Oooh wanted to try Transformers Devastation. Nice!!

yeahokwhatever2848d ago

I hecka wanted to play it, but didn't want to try it THAT bad. I'm pretty excited to get to try it.

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xActionBasturdx2848d ago

septic getting disagrees cause he's septic lol...but yea I wanted to try transformers as well and RE1 is a classic

Bahamut2848d ago

That's cool about Resident Evil, shame I bought it immediately upon it's release like most Resident Evil fans. Still cool though.

bouzebbal2848d ago

i bought it on Gamecube and played it a few years later on Dolphin emulator so didn't make sense to buy it once more. I'm very glad i will be able to experience it again thanks to PS+.

XanderZane2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Yes, some decent PS4 games for a change. Been dying to play one of these Transformer games. I never did get Transformers: War for Cybertron & Fall of Cybertron on my XBox 360 when they were released. Guess I could get them off of EBay. This will hold me until then though. Plus a nice Remastered version of Resident Evil. Just in time for the final RE movie and RE VII. Good going this month Sony. I also wanted to try Mad Riders as well, but was too cheap to buy it. From Dust is a very old game though. Got that game like 5 years ago on my XBox 360. It's an ok game though.

Why all the disagrees? lol!! People don't like the truth I guess.

IamTylerDurden12848d ago

I guess you missed Journey and Lords of the Fallen this month...Badlands too.

yeahokwhatever2848d ago

Lords of the Fallen is pretty sick.

XanderZane2848d ago

I actually downloaded Journey already. I got Badlands many months ago on the PS4. I picked up Lord of the Fallen on my XB1 when it launched. Why are people so disappointed? This was actually a decent month for Sony. Microsoft went almost all Indie for October, even though Super Mega Baseball: E.I. & The Escapist aren't bad game. They still took a step back with these offerings.

Abracadabra2848d ago

Not bad. Above average month for PS+.

BigLurch2848d ago

I agree,just like steam coming of a fresh turd!

Kribwalker2848d ago

Definitely a better month the games with gold, i don't have PS Plus yet, when you sign up so you get just the games that are on the month you sign up or do you get all the ones available in the instant game collection?

GrubsterBeater2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Once you have the membership, go to the PS Plus section in the store and hit add to library. You will have those games forever, but can only play them while your membership is active. You also can not go back to previous months to download previous games. You can only download that months games during that month, and once the new month starts, you can't download the previous games anymore, so it is best to at least hit add to library once the new months games are offered (which is the first Tuesday of every month, by the way.)

Hope that helps.

Dark_Knightmare22848d ago

Lol dude has an x1 fan let me just say that gwg October offerings are flaming garbage

Kribwalker2848d ago

That's what I said. Ps plus is definitely better this month. And thanks grubster, it works just like gwg for games you get, from when your sub starts your collection starts and not previous. That's what I was wondering