DICE: PSN Hack Will Create a Better Online Service for PS3

DICE, creators of Battlefield 3, have stated that they believe the PSN hack was a good thing in the long-run.

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Lelouch2658d ago

Guaranteed, of course Sony will make it much much better than it was before in terms of security.

firemassacre2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Damn straight, im sure psn will be more secure now.

btw ps3 footage is looking good dice, keep it up! ;)

Fishy Fingers2658d ago

The security will be better, thats a given. But all the money, time and resources the hack cost Sony has to come/be cut from somewhere.

Pintheshadows2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

True, but Sony is crazy rich. I'm sure they will manage ok.

If not they can get Jack Tretton to do kids birthday parties. He'd recoup the money eventually.

gaffyh2658d ago

But they still bought another 1st party studio, just recently, despite the financial issues.

DoomeDx2658d ago

Did i miss something here?

Which studio!?

SilentNegotiator2658d ago

There's no reason for people to be disagreeing with you. Not everyone follows every piece of news.

And besides, it wasn't that big of a studio anyway. It's the studio behind invizimals and the new Vita fighter.

gaffyh2658d ago

It was Novarama, they make Invizimals, and the upcoming Reality Fighters for PS Vita.

RememberThe3572658d ago

Yeah they needed an other dedicated handheld developer. Hopefully these guys don't just push out shovel ware.

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JellyJelly2658d ago

"But all the money, time and resources the hack cost Sony has to come/be cut from somewhere."

See Resistance 3 one time only online pass.

HS832658d ago

I like the fact DICE are who they are! I mean, they seem pro PS3 while many third parties are more towards 360. I have both consoles and love them both but its refreshing to see them take so much pride and interest in the PS3. They are right, the hack could make a better psn online. BF3 is looking awesome on PS3 also.

BeastlyRig2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Not to troll or anything but Dice are mainly PC devs!

They won't go have ass! Example: Portal 2 has cross platform & free dlc is coming!

Look at Dust 514 They are actually trying something never done before!

Dice already have had dedicated servers on consoles to so everyone will be good!

It's good to see a lack of cod influence.

But Sony gets credit for not being like MS & trying control every situation and not allowing other services!

They even Bring Pay Day to pc! Sony is great!

Besides the psn pass thing..

SLLCKGT2658d ago

I could add to that comment why they are pro ps3 but I will labled as a fanboy. I will just say since games like GOW3 KZ3 and MGS4 all take up more 30 GIGs of data I'm sure not having storage limitations is a factor.

spektical2658d ago

im not sure.. psn passes are going to start coming in full force

im not sure if thats great for psn

nickjkl2658d ago

do you buy all your games used

gamingdroid2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Do you care about the community you play in?

PSN (EA Online or whatever other) Pass is a barrier to online gaming that will ensure only the biggest games will have a good community.

InfectedDK2658d ago

I guess you could call that a backlulz

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