Tune in to Battlefield V Dev Talks

Get in-depth Battlefield V info straight from the DICE developers. The team discuss gameplay details such as spawning, reviving, and what they learned from the Closed Alphas, and much more. Learn about development of the Rotterdam map and what makes this urban setting so special, and get insight into how DICE rethought Fortifications, leading up to the Open Beta.

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ArchangelMike46d ago

This was actually an awesome video. Finally some good communication from DICE about some of the BFV mechanics. It would be great to hear more about the classes and some of their unique features, or more about vehicles. Keep the videos coming.

I'm really enjoying the Beta, much more than I thought I would. I am one of the many people who love the fact that they got rid of the old spotting mechanic. I can finally last more than 5 minutes without getting sniped, simply because I don't have a bright red dorito over my head all the time. And with the new improved gunplay, I have the highest KDR I've ever had in any other BF game (but that's not saying much though).