The Top Ten Video Game Dogs Of All Time

JD - ​Video games feature all sorts of characters and beasts, heroes and companions that resemble a large variety real-lifelike beings. Among those are the "dog" characters. I'd specify "canine," but really, the video game world only loosely portrays dogs as such, so we'll only categorize them with an equitable looseness. Those that are dog-like automatically qualify.

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_CoD-Pro_2663d ago

Duck hunt isn't really a dog game its a gun game where you shoot ducks.

Venox20082663d ago

actually list is about "game dogs", not about "dogs games" :)

NukaCola2663d ago

Nintendogs got overlooked?

I think the best dog is the one that you can rescued in the begining of RE4. He comes back to help you later if you do.

And of course their is always Dog's Life on PS2. I mean it is a dog game.

Venox20082663d ago

Amaterasu FTW!!! Chibiterasu too! :)

Dovahkiin2662d ago

Rufus from Red Dead Redemption?