firemassacre4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

WoW it looks great. my PS3 is going to be my weekend, im not going to be able to go out, all my money if for these games.

gaffyh4352d ago

Sounds like it could be good, it depends on whether this developer is good. They worked on Bioshock 2 and Dark Messiah so could be good.

dude_meister4352d ago

One of there other games sounds exactly like Brink, which was not good.

03214352d ago

Dark Messiah was a great game IMO. And reading that Viktor Antonov who designed HL 2 is on board is another good sign.

IaMs124351d ago


Yah you can definitely see the HL2 influence.

palaeomerus4352d ago

" WoW it looks great. my PS3 is going to be my weekend, im not going to be able to go out, all my money if for these games"

It's just concept art on a magazine-cover right now dude. Wait until the article comes out and there are some screens maybe?

OhMyGandhi4352d ago

well. it sounds good.
that's all that matters, at least for now.

showtimefolks4352d ago

we never know how much they are bought for or other financial things because its a private company so they never have to release their numbers.

nut talent wise they have some of the best devs in the business

XRider4351d ago

Why is it the people with only one or two bubbles allways have to mention the console their getting a game for in every post?

"I'm getting this (insert game) on my (insert console)"

You guys trying to get in a club or something?

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Brian52474352d ago

Whooaaaa what? Looks awesome.

kingdavid4352d ago

"The developer is Arkane Studios"


SilentNegotiator4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

Quit asking every time you don't know the dev; You can easily google it. These people aren't your internet errand boys.

turgore4352d ago

Dark messiah of might and magic :(

theonlylolking4352d ago

It will definitely be better than the crap series they made called elder scrolls.

Hayabusa 1174352d ago

Aww, you one of those kids that like to say stupid things just to get attention?

Rettom4352d ago

Ehi, lurido porco! Don't make fun of THE ELDER SCROLLS!!!!!

newhumanbreed4352d ago

Obvious troll is obvious. lol

Disccordia4351d ago

They didn't make the elder scrolls ;)

ainsz4351d ago


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Mr Patriot4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

I lost hope when it mentioned its a FPS ....meh

firemassacre4352d ago

Has a Resistance vibe to it don't you think?

F4sterTh4nFTL4352d ago

This game has a Half-Life 2 + Deus Ex vibe to it

persistentlobster4352d ago

Resistance is far from "crap". both games are above an 85 on metacritic and have some of the best mechanics, gameplay, and story for a shooter this gen.

blackburn104352d ago

It's amazing that ignorant trolls like you could get so many agrees. N4G has really gone to the dogs.Resistance was made by Insomniac one of the best developers on the Sony systems. It's far from crap.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn4352d ago

Resistance is Crap. I have it on my ps3 and i dont know what anyone can see in these games. Half life and deus ex are on a different level.

thereapersson4352d ago

Hey Skittles, What's your PSN ID?

YogiBear4352d ago

@ FasterThanFTL

If this were a Monty Python movie you would have been stoned to death by now.

Statix4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

@FasterThanFTL: Get a life, you PS3-hating loser nerdboy.

Kahvipannu4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

I agree the rest, but Resistance isn't crap, it's well designed game, but it just.. it just lacks any kind of personality, so it is a bit dull imo.

"Get a life, you PS3-hating loser nerdboy. "
Lol, taking opinion about one game to full assault against the whole platform, and going berserk about it. My question is, who's the nerdboy?^^

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Hayabusa 1174352d ago

With exception that it might be good.

BlackKnight4352d ago

In the article, they actually write,

"Viktor Antonov, who designed Half-Life 2's City 17, is also on board."

To be honest, when I play resistance, all I see is HL2.

Disccordia4351d ago

You're comparing it to HL2 and Deus Ex? Two of the best games EVER made? Well yeah, it's not as good as them, but it's still a great series. 85% does not equal crap.

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Lavalamp4352d ago

Color me really intrigued!