Redfall Developer Has Already Started Work on Its Next Game

Arkane Studios is thinking ahead and focusing on its next AAA game, which might add to the controversy surrounding Redfall's disappointing launch.

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Vengeance1138140d ago

Will any lessons be learned at all from their last colossal failure? Probably not. Arkane may as well be a brand new developer as they now must prove their worth all over again from scratch. What reason does anyone have to hype your next title?

Sciurus_vulgaris140d ago

Arkane is actually two Studios, Arkane Lyon and Arkane Austin. Arkane Lyon developed Dishonoured and Deathloop. Arkane Austin is the developer of Prey (2017) and Redfall. I very much enjoyed Prey (2017) despite it technical issues the level design was great, so it sad to see the studio drop off so much from game-to-game.

Vengeance1138140d ago

Yes, i'm aware it's 2 studios, but unlike before, just having the name Arkane won't instantly instill confidence in whatever project they may be making. Now it will be shrouded in heavy doubt and uncertainty that they are capable of producing a solid product so they may as well be a brand new studio out to prove themselves.

-Foxtrot140d ago

The issue is this game has hurt Arkane as a whole. Even though like you’ve said we have Arkane Austin and Lyon people will still generalise them as “Arkane”.

I mean we know, but people outside of the gaming knowledge bubble won’t and I bet you any money when Arkane Lyon announce their next game people will refer to Redfall as their last failure even though they didn’t do it

Mr Pumblechook139d ago

Hopefully it's full into development of Redfall 2.

The first Assassin's Creed game had a great concept but was a little underwhelming to play, but Assassin's Creed II took those ideas and turned them into a brilliant sequel. So RF2 could capitalise on the great ideas of the original Redfall and truly become the Last of Us Factions alternative that the Xbox community has been secretly needing.

Concertoine139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

@Mr Pumblechook

You’d be crazy to think that’s what they should do. This game and IP are DOA, no one wants to play a crappy loot shooter in 2023. This is the first Series X exclusive game aside from Flight Sim, and it looks and runs (30 fps) like a game from 10 years ago. Arkane should be making the games that have made them a name. Not trying to make all the unappealing aspects of this game appealing in another multimillion dollar gamble on Redfall 2…

C4rnos139d ago

Also important to note the key creatives involved in Prey, you had a soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, and writing assisted by the likes of Chris Avellone- and since Prey, the founder of Arkane; Raphael Colantonio had left too. these are all variables that could have a lot to do with how Redfall turned out overall, most games are only good as the *team* of talent behind them and i get the idea Arkane Austin is all at sea with that reality currently.

This news just shows they have to adapt on the fly, game development never really stops and Microsoft certainly won't be slowing things down for them.

FinalFantasyFanatic138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I guess I like Arkane Lyon best then, I really didn't like Prey and Redfall came out half-baked, not a fan of Arkane Austin.

@mr Pumblechook,
Who would ask for a Redfall 2 after the disaster we just got?

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TreMillz139d ago

Prove their worth? So they released A bad game amongst their excellent portfolio and they have to start from scratch 😂

Vengeance1138139d ago

Excellent portfolio? You mean Prey in 2017 and Redfall? 1 mediocre game with a ton of technical issues and 1 massive disaster with design issues? Yeah they really do need to prove themselves.

TreMillz139d ago

Yea excellent portfolio, dishonored 89, D2 88, Prey 80, D2: Doto 84, deathloop 88, and now redfall with 56...so yea 1 bad game

SullysCigar139d ago

You're only as good as your last piece of work. Ability and reliability aren't constants, they're highly variable.

If a developer makes 10 crap games in a row, but then puts out GOTY, did they just get lucky? No, they grew their ability. If a developer puts out good games, but then a dud, you have to question what went wrong - how did they 'unlearn' their trade?

Look at Rare. One of the best developers back in the day, but key talent left, leaving it Rare in name only. Talent can fluctuate up AND down, especially for a company. That's why we should take each game on it's own merit and avoid too much hype or negativity until we see the finished product.

Christopher139d ago

How about we just stop hyping games in general?

Vengeance1138139d ago

Stop getting excited for upcoming games? May as well just stop gaming altogether. Lets all be robots with no emotion.

TheEnigma313139d ago

nah. How about they stop making trash and expecting to bamboozle the fans.

Christopher139d ago

Being ecited and hyping a game are two different things. I'm excited about plenty of games, but you don't see me calling anything GotY contender or taking about how much it's going to sell or how well it will review.

bunt-custardly139d ago

How about gaming media/publishers stop hyping games in general?


Christopher139d ago

Everyone. Let's not act like it's only the journalists doing it.

FinalFantasyFanatic138d ago

I haven't been able to get hyped for a video game in years, these days, I just excited wait until after a game is released to see if it's worth my time/money.

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thesoftware730139d ago

So a company makes a bunch of significant renowned games and then makes one bad one, and the logic is, "They have to start from scratch"...

Right before Redfall they released a game that got 9-10s.

Vengeance1138139d ago

Falling into the trap like others thinking that this is the same Deathloop and Dishonored team? Its not. Entirely different studio that just happens to share the name of Arkane, a studio that doesn't look to have much talent.

Moegooner139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

There's a difference between a bad game and an incomplete one.

FinalFantasyFanatic138d ago

Looking at each team's games, yeah, one of those teams is clearly not as talented as the other.

343_Guilty_Spark139d ago

Yeah the same lessons they learned from all their previous hits. How do you jump all the way to they must prove themselves all over when they have had nothing but hits. Redfall is the only miss I can think of.

Vengeance1138139d ago

Nothing but hits when they only made 2 games? Prey and Redfall? Huh?

Asplundh139d ago

He says "Arkane" in his first comment and now he's playing like he meant Arkane Austin after someone pointed out it's two studios.

AmUnRa139d ago

So they not commited to fix (kind off) Redfall first? And then start a new project?
Cause when they only bring the game to 60fps it will have an impact on the rest of the game, they must fix that problem to...Ore have they give it up to fix Redfall?

Christopher139d ago

Very rarely is the full development team used to continue support and fix a post-release title, especially one without any DLC plans.

Your writers, artists, and most designers aren't going to work on fixes, they'll move on to the next game.

FinalFantasyFanatic138d ago

I can't think of many games where the developers have committed themselves to fixing major issues with their games over a long time, it's more common for developers to dump their games after release, even if they only have minor issues. So many games with minor issues that could have gone from good to great with a bit more aftercare.

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closed_account140d ago

Churn 'em out, that's the Gamepass way!