Team XBOX Reviews Enchanted Arms

[em] – eNCHANT arM: surely the weirdest name in video game history. To make the title a bit more accessible to the U.S. (as if JDM games aren't commonly inaccessible to begin with), FROM and Ubisoft went with Enchanted Arms.

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Steve5195869d ago

I played this game during PAX, not really my style of game, for me it sucked

Islandkiwi5869d ago

I'm happy to see some more variety of games on the 360. And it looks good...people are complaining about things other than the actual gameplay. A traditional JRPG isn't a bad thing to be called, lot's of people love these games.

And am I the only one that finds really bad voice acting to be funny?

Silver3605869d ago

This game is not final fantasy 3. Great gameplay!!! It is a JRPG and it is fun for those of us that like these games. It also shows that the 360 has a wider range of game. Bring on the JRPGs and the western ones the shooters the sandboxs the fighters bring them all to the 360 give us choices.

kewlkat0075869d ago

If your into JRPG's then this game is not too shabby. One thing I do like though it\s all your party members gain EXP points when trying to level up. This game shoulkd keep me busy till GOW/Zelda/FF12 for PS2.

Bishop5868d ago

I play a lot of RPG's and I purchased this one with high expectations but it was sorely lacking for an RPG. It isn't as good as Final Fantasy, Suikoden or the many of the RPG's made by the once prominent Working Designs but it did keep me entertained for a few days.