Gameinformer August Cover Revealed: Dishonored

Gameinformer: Bethesda’s next game is a first-person stealth/action adventure, and we’ve got the first look at it in our upcoming August issue. There are dozens of reasons why you should care about this weird-looking game you've never heard of. A few of the most important ones are after the jump.

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kookie4709d ago (Edited 4709d ago )

I cant wait to hear more about it, i thought that the cover will be revealed in august,i didnt know that it will be now

Emilio_Estevez4709d ago

New IP, with good talent, should be intesting!

omi25p4709d ago

Hopefully isnt another brink

ClaveroRulz4709d ago

"Bethesda Softworks believes in their vision and is giving them all the time, money, and development help"

Brink me a river.

ShoryukenII4709d ago

Brink had some amazing ideas with devs that had a good track record (Wolfenstein Enemy Territory). But the devs refused to show us any gameplay until it released. The last gameplay was saw before release was E3 2010. The game had amazing graphics then (better than most games). But then the devs did whatever they could to screw it up and they succeeded.

ATiElite4709d ago

I think Bethesda Softworks is moving in the right direction but they really need better game engines and production quality.

CryEngine 3 is available for licensing as well as The Source Engine.

AlienLion4708d ago

U mad bro? They have Tech 5, among others

Con_rTIST4709d ago

DAMN....i was hoping for Grand Theft Auto V

Emilio_Estevez4709d ago

They said no one would see it coming. Everyone sees that coming.

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Arkane Studios Devs React To Arkane Austin Shutdown, Call It "Absolutely Terrible"

Developers at Arkane Studios are reacting to the announcement of the shutdown of Arkane Austin, calling it "absolutely terrible".

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XiNatsuDragnel21d ago

Of course it is this is why big companies gobbling other companies is bad.

Cacabunga21d ago

yes and this is what happens when you sign pact with the devil himself..

rakentaja20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

The situation looks like this in reality. Of course, I don't know all the nuances, but an independent studio generally wants to go under a big company to get financial backing so they can make the games they dream of. Then a bad game is made...for some reason...the big company gets disappointed, a lot of money was spent on them and they had to shut down the company they bought, because they lost faith in them. That's exactly what happened. I don't know what happened to Tango...

I_am_Batman20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

@rakentaja: You don't need to sell your company to get financial backing. Not to mention that the idea that you're going to be allowed to make the game of your dreams under a big publisher is naive to begin with.

More often than not, indies are just bad at the financial side of the business. It's common to underestimates the production budget needed and hire too many people leaving the studio in a vulnerable position. A lot of them sell out of necessity, not because they want to.

crazyCoconuts21d ago

There are textbook scenarios where it's good...
Microsoft is definitely not one of those scenarios

RhinoGamer8821d ago

I get it, but frankly, AA failed pretty badly on Redfall. The XBOX production team is also to blame (they are safe as usual) for releasing a game this hyped in a sorry state. There are lots of fail points on Redfall, but only Arkane bears the pain.

MrBaskerville21d ago

They were set up to fail by Zenimax and had been for a while. They should have done Prey 2, but instead were forced to do mp games.