Battlestar Galactica Online sheds "beta" tag

Massively: Bigpoint announced today that its game Battlestar Galactica Online has dropped its "beta" tag and is now wearing the big-boy pants of a fully launched game. Since its open beta release less than five months ago, the game has garnered over three million registered users, so it's probably safe to say the game is indeed ready to move out of beta.

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mindedone2662d ago

I know I'm late to the party, but I finally watched the newest iteration on netflix. I've never been so moved by a sci-fi series.

pr0digyZA2662d ago

yea amazing show one of the best, you finished it yet? I think what puts people off, is that they think it will be like those star trek or babylon 5 etc.... when in fact it is very well acted, made tv show that is up there with the best dramas but includes awesome battle scenes -new caprica escape = awesome :P

mindedone2662d ago

I finished it, I'm going through withdrawals. Maybe you can help me out with a question I just had though.

*****SPOILER ALERT********
Did Galen's wife cheat on him with Hotdog? I think it was late at night when that whole baby exchange happened, so I'm a little confused. If not, I would think the baby would be kinda important.
*****END SPOILER**********

pr0digyZA2661d ago


Lol at first I forgot who Galen was then I remembered I only know him as chief. Ye Cally cheated on him and had hot dogs baby, chief believed it was his.

bumnut2662d ago

Is this game any good? Is it free to play?