Nintendo May Be Losing Its Edge

The Nintendo Wii took the world by storm faster and harder than any video game system has ever done before. Wii consoles were rationed tighter than gas during World War II and people actually died attempting to win one. For years the Wii reigned supreme, but sales have slowly been dropping off, leaving the Xbox 360 as the clear console favorite for several months. Now, Nintendo is showing a bit of concern over the projected sales for the little white box this holiday season.

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ares21al2659d ago

Nintendo has been a downhill slope for a long time

frozzenfire2659d ago

Specially with their new console that Nintendo launched which is just stating that they have no clue what to do so they just launch a temp fix... its annoying...

Cwalk8162659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Considering Nintendo is still 30 millions sells ahead of Microsoft and Sony in terms of consoles, I think they're doing something right.

newn4gguy2659d ago

It's called "selling out".

Metallica, KISS, and Green Day sold more records by doing it...but their real fans didn't consider it "doing something right".

ChickeyCantor2659d ago

selling out to who?
You bunch sure feel special.

newn4gguy2659d ago

Nintendo has no interest in furthering the medium of video games as an art form.

ChickeyCantor2659d ago


I seriously had to laugh at that.

Cwalk8162659d ago

I think Nintendo just wants to make games that everyone can enjoy, and people are just reading too much into it.

newn4gguy2659d ago

Then laugh at it. We're losers talking on a gaming forum. I'm not sure you know how little a statement like that affects someone...

jacksonmichael2659d ago

Metallica and Green Day suck anyway, so why does it matter?

Fierce Musashi2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

What the h*ll? How in blazes were they "selling out" when they are still dishing out quality titles? You'll have to further explain that next time.

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pixboy2659d ago

My Wii has been dusty for years... I'm hoping the Wii-U doesn't do that when the PS4/Xbox 720 (or whatever) release...

frozzenfire2659d ago

You know as much as I do that Wii-U is a temp fix that Nintendo launched its nothing serious.

pungello882659d ago

How many can they expect to sell every year for 5 years? It's popular sure but are people gonna start buying two? I don't think so. They outsold the others by so much for so many years that it had to take its toll eventually.

DangerousDanMcGrew2659d ago

I think the fact that they constantly neglect their old fanbase is going to hurt them massively. Sure, they broke into the casual market, but the old Nintendo fan has been left completely in the dark. They've only got themselves to blame.

pungello882659d ago

Yeah but that casual market will keep them going in a business sense. Gamers don't really like it but we are a small portion of the populace as a whole.

Fierce Musashi2659d ago

Have you been ignoring all of the quality first/second party titles for the past near-half decade?

DangerousDanMcGrew2659d ago

Which have died out completely in the last two years. Nothing whatsoever is coming out for the Wii this year.

Fierce Musashi2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

To DangerousDanMcGrew:
Well gee, maybe the shortage of games could be due to them working on..... I dunno..... a new console? So because we're not seeing much from them this year means they "constantly neglect their old fanbase"? Just last year in the states we had Mario Galaxy 2, DKC Returns, Epic Yarn, Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies and Metroid Other M. What are you greedy?

I think you just don't own a Wii, let alone have done any research on it's games. That's naturally the case for the 'Nintendo has abandoned us' crowd.

Granted, this year could most certainly be better (for the states anyway) if they release Xeno and The Last Story over here. But I'd hardly consider that as constantly neglecting their old fanbase.

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