Game Guys E3 Impressions: Kirby Wii

Jim Avery writes:
"Once I was done checking out the 3DS games available, I headed down the stairs to play with the Wii games on display. One demo unit had Kirby Wii available, a new entry in a series I've always been a fan of. After a detour through Patch Land for Kirby's Epic Yarn, Nintendo is returning to the classic look and feel of the older Kirby games; how well does it work?"

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TheSoundDefense2660d ago

I wonder how tough this game will be compared to NSMBWii, which is crazy hard in some spots.

CrescentFang2660d ago

Especially if you're playing co-op with friends and all of them are being jerks like throwing you down pits or into enemies. (in a fun bro way lol)

The Great Melon2660d ago

What?! I thought that was only way to play. Who cares if I am stuck in the same level an hour later. As long I can jump on my roommate an steal his upgrades, I am satisfied.