Why Uncharted Can't Compete With Call of Duty

Despite developers offering the community many competitive games, very few become successful eSports titles.

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CynicalVision2658d ago

Why does everything have to compete with Call Of Duty?

Uncharted 3 will do perfectly fine by itself, the fan-base is there to support the online and Naughty Dog will continue to improve upon the game with updates.

blackburn102658d ago

Exactly why can't people judge the game on its own merits instead of by other games? They do that with Wii games so why not PS3 and 360 games? You never see anyone comparing Mario to Ratchet or Zelda to GOW? Judge UC3 by UC standards

Kleptic2657d ago

because that is too logical for the current gaming journalism population...

why it only applies to gaming, and not other forms of beyond me...

and you are EXACTLY correct on Wii games...we get the 'well that is a different audience' BS...Despite these 2 titles being almost completely different on every single aspect, save them both having competitive multiplayer options built in to the game...

Kaneda2657d ago

competition is great for customers!

pixelsword2657d ago

@ Kaneda:

Yes, but Those two games are in no way direct competitors.

LOGICWINS2658d ago

"Uncharted 3 will do perfectly fine by itself, the fan-base is there to support the online and Naughty Dog will continue to improve upon the game with updates." the article. Your comment has nothing to do with it. It's about Uncharted not being able to compete with COD as an e-sport.

Optical_Matrix2658d ago

That's still competing with it though no? Notice the ridiculous contradiction in your statement. Be it sales or as a competitive game, putting the two against each other is making them compete. Who cares if It can't compete as an eSport. That's not ND's aim. They never said it was.

LOGICWINS2658d ago

"Who cares if It can't compete as an eSport. That's not ND's aim. They never said it was."

LOL, are u being for real? Thats what the articles about!

sjaakiejj2657d ago

It seems that you selectively left out parts of Optical Matrix' comment. Matrix mentions making the two games compete is stupid, because it is. He's not referring to what is in the article, but rather what it's about, and that's comparing apples and pears.

miyamoto2658d ago

dude this is the flea-bitten Internet where millions of fanatical dudes has lost all sense of logic and reality blinded by the brand loyalty.

For example I remember one Xbox 360 loyalist dead set in downing the PS3 reputation as a sales failure but instead of citing a 360 game he used Pokemon Black & White sales figures against God of War III!

popup2657d ago

There is no competition in my book. I have purchased 2 Uncharted games and no COD games.

knifefight2657d ago

Stay tuned for my debut Gamez Journalizm articles:
"Why NBA Basketball 2012 Can't Compete With Call of Duty"
"Why Mario Kart 3DS Can't Compete With Halo."

Gonna be good.

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DA_SHREDDER2658d ago

I'll tell you why no game will ever compete with COD. Its cause the COD devs don't cater to the vocal minority (especially the ones on n4g).

mac_sparrow2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

So they don't cater to your type then? You've been ragging on uncharted a bit much recently haven't you?

What's the matter? No games to play?

On another note, the whole idea of an e-sport is very amusing to me.

Supman2658d ago

I cant believe ign posts stuff like this,
they know they are gonna upset a lot of people....
so I choose to IGNore them.

BeastlyRig2658d ago

Gears will kill it in sales and it's multi player looks more fun and action packed than UC3.

To bad I won't be playing either.


How it will be more fun when UC3 offers better features Online?

JeffGUNZ2658d ago

Gears 3 offers 4 player coop, all new horde 2.0, beast mode, and an amazing MP. This is a game that is going to be amazing if you have followed it closely. Heck, just look at all the pre-orders for Gears 3. After getting a taste of the beta I can tell you that Gears 3 multiplayer is the one to beat this year.

Roymunson2658d ago

UC2 5+ million in sales n UC3 will do better so i doubt gears will do anything as multiplayer UC3 runs circles round gears which has a worse cover system n no vertical play , besides if you played past gears you would know online aint its strong point.

Drekken2658d ago

I think I will take this bet. UC3 will outsell Gears on the 360... It should anyways, but Gears always has that "the only 360 exclusive this year" thing going for it.

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