GamerNode - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Hands-On Preview

Ubisoft stakes its Tom Clancy game prowess on authenticity. To set a military shooter in the future, then, cleverly disguises any implausibility with the fog of foresight. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier makes full use of this permission, taking the augmented reality visualizations from Splinter Cell: Conviction and applying them to the Ghost Recon framework. Oh, and there's invisibility.

The fourth full-length installment in the Ghost Recon series, Future Soldier embraces its Clancy tradition and makes way for forward progress. The game follows the ghost squad on a globetrotting shadow war, like ninjas with guns. Levels follow traditional shooter form -- go here, shoot them, get that, rinse, repeat. Blockbuster set pieces and on-rails story moments (think carrying a target while avoiding Hind missile fire) seat Future Soldier at the table with Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, a dinner with multi-million dollar stakes (See: Steaks!). It's not, though, where Future Soldier's heart lies.

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amlabella2712d ago

I've never been a big Ghost Recon fan, but I can appreciate the tactical aspects of the games. Sounds like they're keeping in line with that.