Shooters: Old School vs New School |

James Melrose continues his "Fire Door" blog on by exploring the origins of the shooter. Is there a desperate lack of creativity in this genre? Are the oldies truly the best? Read his views, then tell us what you think...

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Dart892755d ago

Yea today's shooter just aren't fun as they were back in the day i mean i could play Goldeneye64 for hours and nowaday max is 2- 3hours then i just get bored.

xc7x2755d ago

so true...unfortunately

thatgameshow2755d ago

I don't think it's an inherent lack of fun - just a lack of creativity. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is good because it's unique in the sense that they've taken a genre, and absolutely made it real - you don't feel like a superhero (like CoD or Halo), you feel like a soldier in a team