GamerGaia Interviews Kill3rCombo CEO Ben Colayco

Ben Colayco is a man of many games, having founded Level Up! Games and launched its online game companies in the Philippines, Brazil and India. Mr. Colayco is now in California to launch Kill3rCombo as its CEO. I had a chance to speak with Mr. Colayco recently about Kill3rCombos’ current project, Elsword.

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GetoverHere1222661d ago

Lot's of new studios popping up, let's hope that we see some fresh new ideas in gaming. We're due.

Cwalk8162661d ago

I dunno, it seems to me if too many new studios pop up they don't have the funding that huge studios do so we may be in for a huge stream of mediocre games until the studios can really get off the ground.

AndrewNino2661d ago

Well even without a huge budget I'm sure many game developers have made surprisingly good games. Terraria being one of them. :]

DanielComfort2661d ago

Adding to AndrewNino's point: Terraria, and of course Minecraft. Both had incredibly tiny budgets to begin with. Now I'll bet we're going to see Terraria hit a million sales within the next few months.