Will there be a Forza 4 Ultimate Edition?

And assuming there will, is it even worth getting the Limited Collector’s Edition first?

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Hellsvacancy2664d ago

Will i be smokin weed tomorrow? bit of a stupid question

The other day i took my copy of Dead Space 2 (special edition) to Game, i wanted to trade it for another game, they said they cant, the dont buy or swap special edition games because most of the time these SE games come with codes of sorts to access content via PSN/XBL,

It didnt occur to me that i wouldnt be able to trade it in

I pre-ordered Dark Souls SE couple of weeks back, it was cheaper than the standard edition on Amazon, wtf is that about?

Answer, an easy way to combat used game sales.....partly

Apollyn2664d ago

That's bullshit mate they are still meant to trade them in but with dlc games you just get the normal value for it. They even have a "check with staff for dlc availability!" Or something sticker.

MaverickStar72664d ago

Of course there will be, just like the last one its the Platinum Hits version. Just wait another year for it.

Bounkass2664d ago

Of course. They'll do anything to get a little extra cash.