This is Ridiculous Sony: PS Store Overcharging Customers

In the 'Heads-Up' update on the Playstation EU Blog, it has become apparent that Red Faction: Armageddon is now available to download.

That's all well and good, right? WRONG! It's available for the bargain price of £58, which is nearly 70 Euros!

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T3quilaSlay3r2663d ago

ummmm....finlands gamestop sells it for 70 euros new

Gray-Fox-Type02663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

In order for online games to be successfully why don't they price them right? Why would I buy it from the online store when i can get it cheaper with case cover manual somewhere else like amazon or game retailers? They should take that into account when pricing full games online. They are rip off prices at the moment.

f7897902663d ago

The pricing is always funny. When I wanted to get Portal 2, it was $50 on Steam but on Amazon it was $30.

--Onilink--2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

thats something i wondered when i saw the price of infamous, doesnt the fact of releasing the game online saves them a lot of money on producing of the discs, manuals, cases, etc, as well as the money they would lose to the retailers???

So why are we still being charged the same amount?? it should be at least $10 cheaper if u ask me.

nycredude2663d ago

You guys would be terrible businessmen. Having the option of buying the game online is just that, another option, another way of purchasing the game. If they priced it lower than retail packaging then they would be hurting the retail sales of the games. Why would they do that. the availability of the games online is just for people who prefer to buy their games and download them instead of having the disc. personally I like having the disc.

No Way2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Not really, not always. A lot of people still don't have internet connections.
A lot of people don't have fast internet connections, so whats that mean?
Chances are, they will buy the game from a retailer than to wait for online.
There would still be plenty of people who would pre-order and what not, too.

MaxXAttaxX2662d ago

You have other options....

sikbeta2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

DD games are cheap for Devs and Publishers, so the price could be lower, but there is no significant decrease of prices, unless it's Steam, that's why Physical Copies are the Best.

@No Way

Also, chances are that HDDs get screwed and you have to dd everything again, even if you have a good ISP, it's a pain in the @ss...

thorstein2662d ago

From the comment section on the original site:

"hey moron - sony doesn't set the prices that are in the store. it's the game publishers/developers that dictate how much their content costs.

do your research before posting ill-informed, misguided nonsense. "


"Bah well buy it from Amazon -- aren't free markets great? :P "

Wh15ky2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )


"Having the option of buying the game online is just that, another option, another way of purchasing the game."

I agree with this, but...

"If they priced it lower than retail packaging then they would be hurting the retail sales of the games. Why would they do that."

Why does it matter how they sell their game? From a business standpoint it would surely make sense to encourage digital downloads - Lower production costs and it gets rid of the second-hand market. IMO a DD version of a game would have to be about half the price of the retail version for me to consider it. I sometimes buy albums from i-tunes, but that's only because they can often be about half the price of the CD version.
Perhaps these prices are just the publishers testing the water, I'm sure by next gen DD games will be considerably cheaper than retail.

Shadowstar2662d ago

For the same reason that Amazon compares their prices on Kindle books to hardcovers instead of paperbacks-- they want to keep the prices high when we eventually go download only...

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gamingdroid2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

MS does the same sh!t pricing for Games on Demand! I don't know why these prices has fallen sooner? Or who actually buys these games?

The only good news is that I often time find Xbox Live Points on the cheap around 25% off.

There are mostly three things that bother me about digital downloads:

a) pricing. Stores compete, and clearance out stock. This results in significant savings for consumers while digital downloads cost far more than the store bought disc that has it's profit shared with many parties. Makes no logical business sense.

b) you can lend a physical copy, but you can't lend a digital copy. if your provider sucks @ss like GameStop or EA's Origin, you might find your download expired!

c) Convenience of instantly start up a game is nice, but I also love the Collector's Edition stuff and having a physical copy in my hand.

Hockeydud192663d ago

The prices on on demand are ridiculous. Shadowrun is 29.99 on there I believe or maybe 19.99 but you can get it used at Gamestop for 5.00. There's games on there that are almost 5 years old and they're trying to get 20.00 out of em.

Oxymoron0282663d ago

Actually MS don't do the "same" shit. And Sony also aren't pulling this one.

It's the publishers who price the content, not Microsoft or Sony.

dangert122663d ago

i largley agreem with you you have one small problem

Infamous 2 £49.99

starshaped2663d ago

The R.R.P for Infamous 2 is 49.99, same as most games, high street stores just never sell them for that much.

Take Black Ops for example, that had an R.R.P of 54.99 yet nowhere had it for that price instore, only digitally.

Raoh2663d ago

Yep, I just got another 360 from a trade in, haven't used a 360 since 2009. I went to the ms marketplace to download alan wake.

Alan Wake is $19.99 in the retail stores but is $29.99 in the xbox live market place.

Yeah i just walked over to bestbuy.

dangert122663d ago


they confirmed Red faction Armageddons R.R.P is
what they are selling it for so i guess thats ok with you?

starshaped2663d ago

Nope, i wasn't implying i'd pay that for it either, thats ridiculous, and anyone with sense will buy a far cheaper copy online or in a store, what i was saying is that it completely up to Sony/THQ/Anyone if they want to charge the R.R.P, whether or not anyone buys it.

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sinncross2663d ago

T3quilaSlay3r is right. The EU blog has a reply to someone who asked about that price and 70 euroes for Red Faction is indeed the expected price of the title in stores.

BubbleSniper2662d ago

i didn't know Crookstop have dug it's fangs into Finland...

subtenko2662d ago

It isnt sony...its the makers of the game who charge it for the, I get my games cheaper online but people still shop at gamestop for whatever reason. Wheres the "Comeon gamestop!" articles? oh yea thats right..

zeddy2662d ago

console games should be the same price everywhere, online or retailers. i dont get what your paying extra for? infamous 2 is £49.99 on the uk psn store and £37.99 in stores. whats the extra £12 for? maybe it costs sony or suckerpunch to have it up on the psn just like it costs others for demo's.

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Wizziokid2663d ago

well who ever buy's it for that price is an idiot anyway

Miiikeyyy2663d ago

Stupidly enough, People actually do buy it. No idea what the hell they are thinking

Dark_Overlord2663d ago

I don't think anyone has been stupid enough yet, usually everything on the store someone has rated, however RFA has no ratings. This doesn't necessarily mean no one has brought it, but its a good indicator

Warprincess1162663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Sony not in charge of pricing. They just put it on the store.

Emilio_Estevez2663d ago

True, everytime this happens someone complains. When will they learn that Sony is not in charge of setting the price?

toxic-inferno2663d ago

Exactly. The article asks what Sony are thinking - well it really isn't Sony at all. I'm actually quite confident that Sony would never choose to charge so much for a single game.

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killerhog2663d ago

i think they are but im not to sure so i will says its 50/50. sony still over-charges for their first party games. god of war for the psp is like 39.99 (when i last checked) on the pstore, but i can get it at targets for 29.99. this is nothing knew with sonys extortionate prices in the pstore

KyRo2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

and this is why I think Digital Distrubution won't take off any time soon on consoles. Steam/Valve do it the right way, MS and Sony choose to fob us off more often than not, well to us European gamer's anyway.

frelyler2663d ago

I believe M$ if far more guilty of ripping off consumers. hard drives and wifi say hello.

Miiikeyyy2663d ago

I was disspointed when I found out I couldn't play online till I had a wireless adapter. Cost me 60 quid for that shit.

BigPenguin2663d ago

I'm not exactly sure how much quid are, but yah, I had to spend $95 on the wifi adapter for my 360. Was pretty pissed.

JoGam2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

@ Kyro...I agree. I had a PSPgo since day one and bought tons of games for it. I also have a collection of over 300 PS3, PS2, PSP games combined. In my experience collecting and having a PSPgo, I realized buying digital distribution games I have spent more money than buying from places like Amazon, Gamestop etc. If Digital Distribution prices was to drop by removing the middle man then maybe if will be adopted by more people.

Sitris2663d ago

For the last time, this is not Sony pricing the game, it is THQ, they put the games up at the price that THQ wants, they price Sony produced games, not third party games.

KyRo2663d ago

I'm sure every game dev would want their games sold at RRP but it ain't right that high street outlets can pretty much put whatever price they like to sell the game yet when it comes to digital they pretty much demand Sony to sell it at RRP even though we get less for our money.

theonlylolking2663d ago

M$ does the same thing and people buy it so sony is probably doing the same thing.