Patapon 3 Review (

GB: "As the PSP nears the end of its excellent lifespan, it’s getting some final hurrahs, even as the inflow of new releases is reduced to an absolute trickle. Earlier this year, we got the rather excellent Dissidia 012, the sequel to Square Enix’s breakthrough Final Fantasy all stars brawler. We also got Tactics Ogre, the remake of the SNES classic, which was surprisingly well optimized for Sony’s handheld. And now, there’s another neat addition to that list of the final swan songs of the PSP, and this time, it’s an addition made to the system’s library by Sony itself. Patapon 3, the third installment in the quirky PSP exclusive rhythm based RPG franchise, is a worthy threequel, mixing things up from the previous two installments sufficiently enough, but still retaining their unique sense of charm and whimsy."

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