Summer Release Lull: Time To Check In With Our Backlogs

It’s that time of year again: the post-E3 summer lull. Now that we’re in the annual drought season, we can take the time to look back at our piles of unfinished games and decide which ones we need to finish up before new titles get thrown into the mix. What games are you all looking to get through before we start getting hammered with new releases again, and which ones will continue to gather dust on the shelf?

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junk3d2665d ago

Wow I completely forgot about Little Big Planet 2. Thanks for the reminder. Definitely a game I want to finish.

MultiConsoleGamer2665d ago

I'm working on my portable gaming backlog. But I also picked up the new Earth Defense Force.

PattHpapong2665d ago

if you had Fallout on pc and use mods, it will go very high up the list

RafiR2d22665d ago

I haven't finished playing Dragon Age 2 yet.... wow.

Gordo7892665d ago

I hear that one is not so great compared to the original.