Gamers and the Media: How old do they think we are?

Australian retailer GAME’s newest promotional tool, the suddenly-advertised-everywhere GameTV, went live this week.

Thank you GameTV. Thank you, uninformed Australian Media. It’s thanks to you that we get to pick between being an immature and irresponsible loser or someone so publicly inept that we are doomed to live a perverted existence in a sub-dungeon within our parent’s house.

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Warprincess1162665d ago

Well based off most of the post on n4g. I think they think we are about 10-13 years old.

Shackdaddy8362664d ago

Sounds right for your kind of comments.

NukaCola2664d ago

I try not to feel biased but it gets frustrating to listen to younger gamers this gen. The ones who started gaming this generation. I have been gaming since the Atari 2600 like many others, and I think the history that us older gamers have grown up to know makes it really intolerable to discuss gaming with the younger generation. Not saying all are like this, but when all you ever known was the 360, PS3, DS, PSP, Wii, ect ect, you really don't under stand what real in gaming. I was there when the first Xbox launched and Oddworld was taking from Sony, or when Squaresoft merged with Enix and started making terrible games, or when Shenmue III was announced at E3 years ago, but was never made.

That being said, the media today is made up of younger gamers who are only 20 or so. They cater to the younger crowd. Statistics say averagely the gamer is 16-24yo male and that is what the target is. Media in gaming, like any other media, uses drama and rumors, and all kinds of nonsense to get hits, ratings, and views on their sites. Biased websites everywhere. Gaming is completely looked at differently today than it was 10 years ago. It's not about what game is good anymore, it's about what console runs it better, or "Top 10 Boobs in Games" and we wonder why the world won't allow games to be viewed as art.

Sorry if I am ranting, but it's making gaming almost unenjoyable anymore. If IGN gets a grudge about a game, they bash it and then no one buys it, so then it fails to make enough sales although it's a good game. I see this a lot. Or taking the PSN Outage for example. "Can Sony Recover from this Crysis?" articles. What is this? I saw on a Time or Newsweek after Osama was killed, "Bin Laden Dead...But we are still in grave danger!" This completely blew my mind. Finally something positive in a negative time, and the media is quick to use fear to make a ratings quota.

My suggestion is to be your own fanboy/girl. Love the games you love. You love COD, love it and game on it. We can hate games, cry, gripe, laugh argue without getting nasty or trolling. I can say the PS3 or 360 sucks, and you can say Apple and Wii suck and we can all have a good heated conversation. In the end, the media is just a tool. Being a freethinker is best when it comes to your passion about gaming.

caseh2663d ago


I know where you're coming from. I started with the Atari 2600 and have owned pretty much every console since.

Like passing a comment on FF13 recently I mentioned its combat system had been dumbed down to appeal to a larger audience. Had a nice amount of disagrees with a few 'you dont know what you're talking about' comments...

I can only think these people are too young to have experienced games like FF3 which had far deeper combat systems and a much larger scope for the game world itself.

Those of us who grew up spending ridiculous amounts of pocket money playing games like Ghost 'n' Goblins at the arcade know what hardcore gaming is. Guess we just have to face the fact that its a new generation of gamers these days and if their knowledge doesn't span beyond gaming in 1996 you can't hate on em for that.

KingPin2663d ago


well said dude. bubbles for you.

i agree with you 100%. gamers of this generation are a fussy bunch. they dont know what games are about. they fight consoles and sales.

they argue and compare how multi plat games runs on systems, not if that said multi-plat game is fun. another thing iv notices is this whole glitching in graphics and screen tearing they go on about. im sorry, but if guys think this is bad, you kids wouldve died playing on a ps1, nevermind the older consoles.

and the gaming media of today, no damn standards at all. im sorry, it has to be said. they throw around perfect 10s like its 7s. go back to all reviews in the early 90s and see how many games scored perfect 10s. its probably countable on 2 hands.

Silly gameAr2664d ago

You've got some nerve princess.

killerhog2663d ago

And you're s big contribution to that stereotype, congrats warprincess. Thank you for deriding the appearance of gamers.

Gigglefist2664d ago

This reminds me of the Dead Space "Your mom will hate this game" campaign. Gaming has come a long way in being accepted as a legitimate art-form... Then stuff like this comes up and sets us back. Disappointing, to say the least.

Swiggins2664d ago

Hey, Fluttershy, don't you find it strange that most of these asinine ad campaigns are run by EA.

Sin to Win for Dante's Inferno

Your Mom's Gonna Hate it for Deadspace


Gigglefist2663d ago

Hitler would never play battlefield. It's not racist enough

Pozzle2664d ago

The sad thing is, I can sort of see why the media gets the wrong impression about gaming and gamers. The gaming industry doesn't exactly help give a positive, mature image of gaming. Especially when it comes to things like E3. What WOULD the average (non hardcore) gamer think when they walk into an expo like E3 and be bombarded by things like booth babes, giant boobs, and over-the-top violence? I'm not saying these things shouldn't be in games at all, but seeing boob jiggling and ultra violence being treated a "main attraction" doesn't give off the best impression. Heck, what does the (non-gaming) media and public think of gaming when they see these things? It doesn't exactly give off the best impression of gaming and the people who play games. :(

QuodEratDemonstrandm2664d ago

Agreed. It also doesn't help that 1/3 of the articles and, it seems, 2/3 of the comments on the articles are usually written by people who can't spell. Not just here on N4G either.

Not referring to anyone in particular, and your comment doesn't have any spelling errors. Just a general observation of something that's rapidly becoming a pet peeve.

Matpan2663d ago

and by "it´s not a oxford´s class of english literature" I didn´t mean any direct reference to Quod´s comment. I do agree people need to spell properly. My comment was meant as reference to the content of games. And while i DO appreciate a nice story, backed with historical data and reference to real life cultures... at the end of the day it all winds up to how fun the game it is... be it the best-writen-storyline-ever-dri ven-game... or pong :P

Matpan2663d ago

Awww c´mon... I mean the same thing can be said of car shows (name any)... or 85% of TV content: Boobs and Violence. I´ll recon it´s not the most mature thing out there but boobs and and guns get the money roling for the most part. And I don´t think enjoying the sight of a booth babe has nothing to do with maturity or not. I couldn´t care less what age the media thinks I have, for all it´s worth, little content of interest is to be found in "mass" media like TV (at least in my country) regarding games. I just go to the well known internet sites and usually find what I´m looking for.

And I think it´s fine games are surrounded with an aura of certain informality, after all it´s not a oxford´s class of english literature we are trying to impress... who cares what some think?? Enjoy games :)

Apollyn2663d ago

*hits princess over the head with a stagment douchebag*

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