Target removing Manhunt 2 from its stores?

Evil Avatar is reporting that local Target stores have been pulling Manhunt 2 off their store shelves in response to the recent events where some hackers uncovered adult content within the game.

Even though the ESRB themselves remained firm with the game's M rating, it looks like Target is taking no chances and is removing the game from its stores.

According to the source, all Target managers are required to stop selling the game, including refusing shipments of the game for all systems. Also Take-Two agreed to take back all unopened copies of the game.

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forum_crawler4867d ago

People are so afraid of offending other people. Come on, as if they don't sell movies with boobies here and there...

ruibing4867d ago

Yeah, I like Penny Arcade's take on the problem. A lot of gamers don't quite care about the game at all; it is blown way out of proportion. With the money wasted on advocating and defending this stupid problem, they could have donated it to some cause (there are so many in the world that could use more attention and support) and actually made a difference. All this does it take attention away from the stories and news that matters.

Nostradavis4867d ago

Can't believe I am about to say this because it is very cheesy but it looks like target is way off...

This is totally wrong. We should have the choice to buy this game or not.

UnasFortuna4867d ago

Not that I was looking forward to this game... wasn't a fan of the first installment of it. However, the game was rated 'M' and as such is supposed to only be sold to adults age 18 or older. I personally don't think they should have had to sensor as much as they did to get it released. If you are a parent and you are letting your child play a game that was given to them rated 'M' or 'AO', then you should be slapped. Plain and simple. If you did not purchase the game for them, then find out who did and slap them. You are the adults...act like it and stop trying to sensor everyone so you don't have to be a parent. In regards to Target... they are idiots. ONLY people with homebrew PSP's can access the sensored material. The sensored material was not hidden as they are implying. The rating was given because they altered programming to "blur" out "graphic" violence so you could not see details very clear. Anyway, this is the impression I have gotten from all the information that I have come across.

green_ghost54867d ago

Oh well Target's is gay anyways, I mean c'mon they don't even sell cigarettes.

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The story is too old to be commented.