G4tv: Uncharted 3 Beta Impressions

G4: "The beta kicked off early last week, and, like any self-respecting Drake-head, some of the G4 staffers have spent some time with the new and improved multiplayer portion of Drake and Sully’s latest adventure, and here’s some of our initial impressions on the two maps and five modes included in the beta’s first round."

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Goodfella3807d ago

I was bored and fed up with this step back from Uncharted 2 within a hour. It's the worst possible outcome for Uncharted imo. I probably won't even get the game now. They've taken all the nicely balanced things from Uncharted 2 and just chucked them all away and released a joke beta.

harrisk9543807d ago

You may be bored, but I actually am enjoying it and the majority of the comments I've read around the internet have been positive. Plus, this is a BETA and ND will work on the game before it is released based upon feedback from the players. They can't please everyone but they are a very responsive developer.

NewMonday3807d ago

not even for single player and co-op?

the campaign is what made U2 famous in the first place, the MP was just a well done bonos

NoobJobz3807d ago

Not many people buy Uncharted for the multiplayer. Just because it's not fun for you doesnt mean you should skip the whole game.

I think the MP is above average, not great but I'm still gonna play the game because single player is where it's at.

Kaneda3807d ago

"How come I shot that guy in the head like 75 times and he didn’t die, then he turned around and fired a single bullet into my skull and I died?"

I have to agree with this.. it is annoying as hell...

mayberry3807d ago

havin fun so far, very little glitches on my end, love the new sounds! looks to be a big improvement!

boss_killa3807d ago

I'm having fun with the beta so far. You definitely have to play alot more tactical. Think about what you're next move will be.

One of my only gripes is that the characters feel like they move really slow. Even when they sprint it feels slow as hell. I thought the movement in UC2 was perfect so I don't get why ND slowed it down for UC3. UC2 movement with sprint woulda been better.