DICE Will Cater to Both Single and Multiplayer Crowd With Battlefield 3

DICE has said that they plan to cater to both single and multiplayer players by making Battlefield 3 a bigger product.

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Trunkz Jr2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I usually do skip out on the Singleplayer for the multiplayer gaming, been doing it since Rogue Spear, if I wanted a story, I'd watch a movie.

chak_2715d ago

Well you missed a looooooot of good games, sorry for you.

Trunkz Jr2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Don't be, their usually all the same plot just told in a different way.

Usually it's either world dominance or world destruction, that's like 90%+ of the FPS games out there that tell story's.

I watched my GF finish BC2 and it seemed like they had some crazy weapon in the plane, which seems like they still do these kinds of plots.

You might like pickles on your burger, but I take them off and throw them at the birds, SP is just not my cup of tea when it comes to FPS games.

@AlienBlaster I'm a PC gamer, I never really run into 12 yr old kids screaming, tho it's not too hard to find people 20+ screaming like a 12 yr old kid.

MidnytRain2715d ago

Okay, what about the single-player games that *aren't* FPSs. Do you play them?

a_squirrel2715d ago

@above, he wouldn't buy them, because it's not his thing. Seriously guys, it's not that hard to understand.

MidnytRain2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )


Are you telling me this guy might only play multiplayer first person shooters??? If that's the case, he IS missing out - plain and simple.

Trunkz Jr2715d ago


Nope, it's just for FPS games, any other genres I enjoy the SP aspect.

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AlienBlaster2715d ago

I'm complete opposite, i rarely play multiplayer games i prefer a strong singleplayer. When i play games i do it to chill out and immerse myself in the story, listening 12 year old's screaming into their mics is not a very relaxing experience. Which sucks for me since these days it's all about multi while singleplayer gets churned out as an afterthought.

ShoryukenII2715d ago

I like both. An awesome multiplayer that can keep me coming back for months and an unforgettable single player (for good reasons of course). The best of both worlds. =D

Inside_out2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

No really, these guys talk like they are reinventing the

Halo has done all of this YEARS ago but it was Bad company that taught them this...0_o...somebody send them a copy of 13+ million selling exclusive Halo 3.

COD has recently turned into Halo with COD Elite. What about Gears Of war that has really been a catalyst for the whole Firefight/horde/spec ops that have taken the world by storm. 4 player story based

EA-Dice must live in a vacuum or something. Next, they will turn into Johnny C at Id and claim they invented fire and electricity or something insane like " cinematic multi-player " ;D

firemassacre2715d ago

is that really you in your avatar?

Nate-Dog2715d ago

Not really, I mean they're just saying that BF3 will be more of an all-round game unlike BF2 which didn't have a single-player campaign mode or BFBC2 which had a campaign mode but which was more satirical than anything (and even then it was clear MP was where basically all the work went into).

a_squirrel2715d ago

I wonder if you've ever heard of Battlefield 1942.

Hufandpuf2715d ago

Battlefield and Socom invented a lot of mechanics that people enjoy in COD and Halo so, yeah you're wrong.

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AngelicIceDiamond2715d ago

Too many none-promised remarks Dice.....Careful

CaptCalvin2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Not that I don't like Singleplayer, but how come these days it's always cater to this and cater to that? I'm sick and tired of hearing that word! Been seeing lots of my favorite game franchises ruined by all this "catering" that's been happening recently. Same things goes for "streamlining" too.

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