Mass Effect 3 devs have a pop at Gears of War

Two of Mass Effect 3′s senior environment artists take a pop at Gears of War’s “arbitrary” level design and the way it integrates its cover system.

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firemassacre2663d ago

Love Bioware's work, i was playing Mass Effect 2 on my ps3 and loved the cover system, it should be interesting to say the very least what this would turn out like. for the better i hope so.

BreakNeckSpeed2663d ago

There's plenty of cover options in gears. It's no different than any other Third person shooter.

StanLee2662d ago

Problem with their comments are, is that Gears of War is a "cover based" shooter. It's understandable that the level design is to accommodate the games' setpieces. BioWare should focus on making a great RPG not comparing themselves to action adventure games and cover based shooters like they've been doing. Mass Effect 2 strayed far from the concepts of the first game and was nothing short of a mediocre RPG.

Anon19742662d ago

Never played Mass Effect 1 or 2, but I kinda see what they're talking about with Gears. You just know coming around a corner - "Ah, look at all the chest high items. Better get ready because obviously something is going to happen here."

It would be nice if it wasn't so obvious. I love Gears, but I get that criticism.

awi59512662d ago

Yeah the better shut up before epic takes away their license for the unreal engine lol.

Solidus187-SCMilk2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

the cover system in the ME games is very clunky compared to other third person shooters like gears and uncharted. Gears 1 and uncharted 1 have way better cover system then eve ME2 has, work on that bioware.

Im not exactly sure what they mean by that comment, but all games with a cover system like this have random crap everywhere for you to take cover behind. They all have all kinds of little walls everywhere to hide behind. I actually think that it makes more sense in gears of war to have walls/sandbags everywhere as opposed to ME games having little walls all over the place in space.

Ive played all 4 of these games and I know that there could be a fight in any room because you can take cover behind almost every wall in these games. And every room has some sort of wall. Both games have a bunch of stuff tha twas obviously only put there for cover.

ME is my favorite series this gen, but these ME guys should be quiet about gears sandbags and work on making the clunky ME cover controls as smooth at the cover systems in gears and uncharted.

edit- also gears has them beat with destructible cover. In gears you cover might get shot to pieces if it isnt strong enough, and I think thats cool. In ME, you can hide behind a couch and it will block all shots and missiles from hitting you. its easy to make cover that isnt obvious when your cover is a couch that the player wont realize is indestructible untill they hide behind it.

Wizziokid2663d ago

boom, they are right, it's better to be unsuspecting but it's not an easy job

BeastlyRig2663d ago

the best thing about mass effect is that it's on 3 different platforms!

fatalred alarm2663d ago

I prefer the stoyline over that...but okay

The Meerkat2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Venetian blinds vs Chest high walls.

I know which one I'd rather hide behind.

themightychez2663d ago

Did you even read the article? I mean, I guess you think you did because you saw the Venetian blinds, but they were talking about putting them on windows to make it look like Earth. They weren't even talking about cover at that point.

MidnytRain2663d ago

Dyslexia? I don't know, lol.

ATiElite2663d ago

He is really really right about seeing battle before it happens. The Cover system stuff is Ok but how about full destruction that way when a fire fight breaks out you can blow stuff up and make your cover.

anyway nice of the Dev to finally admit to turning Mass Effect into a Gears clone.

MOTY2663d ago

I am a big fan of both franchises, but I am not sure where Don Arceta is coming from here. There is plenty of cover options in ME1 and ME2.

or the prisoner ship meeting up with Jack

There is PLENTY of "arbitrary" object in each level of Biowares Mass effect games.

Don Arceta was out of line taking a jab at Gears. Mass Effect uses just as much "arbitrary" objects as cover.

TheOtherTheoG2663d ago

The point of the article is saying that that's something they could've done better for Mass Effect 2, which they're trying to improve on for ME3.

rbluetank2663d ago

exactly....when i played ME1/ME2; i always knew when and where the fight would began by the arbitary objects laying around in the level design. well said. Moty

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