"No truth" to Fatal Frame PS3 rumour

Japanese publisher Tecmo Koei has poured cold water on a rumour that a Fatal Frame game is in development for the PlayStation 3.

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Pozzle2665d ago

That's a shame. IMO Fatal Frame is a series that would be perfect for HD consoles. The amount of detail that could go into the ghost models, the haunted mansions, the bloodied hospitals, etc. It would look incredible.

Kurisu2665d ago

Project Zero on PS3 would be truly scary. It was scary enough on PS2...I could only watch people play it, as when I tried to play it myself I found my heartbeat increasing a bit too much xD It would make a good PlayStation Vita game, using the giro sensors to physically move the camera around and take pictures.

Cloudberry2665d ago

Tecmo Koei could give Fatal Frame Trilogy HD Collection.

GearedForGamers2665d ago

Very sad. The lack of survival horror this generation really makes me very very sad indeed.

sam22362665d ago

Why even think it was true after that all shit with FF4?!

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