Koei Tecmo Announces Record Financial Results; Fatal Frame Shipped 340,000 Units

Today Koei Tecmo announced its financial results for the first nine months of the fiscal year that will end on March 31, 2022.

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DeathTouch420d ago

I hope this means more Fatal Frame

autobotdan420d ago

Fatal frame trilogy remastered please with both original xbox and Nintendo wii versions of FF2 included

Majin-vegeta420d ago

How about showing us that Three kingdoma action game now?👀

Deathdeliverer420d ago

I remember when I was a kid I played the DEMO of the first fatal frame and it stressed me out to where I had a headache and turned it off. Never finished it. Here I am grown as hell and several Fatal Frames later and I don’t even entertain the thought of playing one. Beat every resident evil, silent Hill 1 and 2, you name it and I probably beat it. Only other game that did that to me is outlast. Got it for free from PS plus years ago, played until I got in the building and for some damn reason I had to turn it off. Hadn’t even seen shyt yet. Maybe I can watch a partial walkthrough on YouTube or something 😂. Those two games took my man card.

LoveSpuds420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Did you ever play Siren Blood Curse on PS3? That was a game that had a real knack of getting under my skin.

Bathory666420d ago

Really hope they make new games in the series or give us an HD trilogy remaster

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