Beyond Good And Evil HD review (Digital Chumps)

DC writes: I've heard it called one of the greatest games never played. I too was one of those that never got around to playing it, but Ubisoft's 2003 adventure-action classic, Beyond Good And Evil, is giving everyone a second chance with an HD version that is available since March on XBLA and just last week on PSN. The 1.5GB download contains the full game that sees Jade, a photo-journalist and martial artist, and her allies, unravel a massive conspiracy on their home planet.

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Beyond Good & Evil HD free to download on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Neil writes "Need a new game? Don't fancy paying for it? The Xbox Games With Gold scheme has got you covered with its latest freebie."

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fenome2888d ago

Where's number 2?! They show a cinematic teaser and then it just falls off the edges like it never happened. I liked this game and I want to know that the sequel still exists..

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freshslicepizza2888d ago

not sure what happened to #2. rumor has it there might be a deal in place with nintendo.


Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for August 2016 any good?

Neil writes "We're here yet again with the latest free Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles ready to be thrust upon us. But in a period that sees few new games released, the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for August could well be the big hitting feature that Xbox One and Xbox 360 players looking for a new game rely on. That combination therefore leaves the door wide open for the scheme to deliver a cracking set of free titles."

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oKidUKo2903d ago

I already have WWE but for my taste it's a great month. Not for everyone though.

lxeasy2903d ago

I like this months options, I don't any of these games.

TheUndertaker852902d ago

Positive side for you is once you get the digital version you can lose the disc plus no download wait

ULTp0ltergeist2902d ago

Last time I played a wrestling game was on Super Nintendo no lie, but with this being gold it looks really fun to try out.

cfc832903d ago

Looks like a very useful month to me. Often i don't bother, but i will this month.

2903d ago
LexHazard792903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Good for me as I've never played any of the games being offered this month.

Edit: that was a lie, I played BG&E on OGXbox.

christocolus2903d ago

Lol, I played BG&E on the original Xbox too. Such an amazing game.

Deathdeliverer2903d ago

I'm going to get some mileage out of everything but Spelunky. I've played that in so many variations. I realized when I started Spelunky World online for PS4 that I simply cannot plant another bomb without blacking out. I have not played a wrestling game since the last wwe game on PS2. I'm excited to see how far things have come. Solid month for me.

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Xbox Live Games With Gold For August 2016

For the month of August, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games - two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360 - as part of the Games with Gold program.

On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members can download WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate ($59.99 ERP) for free during the month of August. WWE 2K16 ($39.99 ERP) will be available as a free download from August 16th to September 15th.

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OldGuyStillGaming2909d ago

I'll take 3 of 4

I have Spelunky on ps4 already

vegasgamerdawg2909d ago

I don't understand people who don't purchase the free games anyway. You don't have to DL to your HD and you'll always have the games in your library. I never know who is going to come over and what games they'll like. I even DL the kids games for when company comes over. To each their own. ON top of that it''s BC on xbox, if you buy a Scorpio it'll be there, no reason not to purchase the game. You don't make sense.

OldGuyStillGaming2909d ago

What don't you understand?

I said I'll download 3 and no reason to download Spelunky because I already have it?

What's the point of downloading when I can fire up my ps4 to play it?

Why does it bother you that much?

TheSaint2908d ago

Because they already own it, what's difficult to understand about that?

andibandit2908d ago

Well it makes sense, if one day your xbox or PS4 breaks down you can still play the game. Another bonus is that if you decide to stop paying for psn+ and XBL, you can still play it on xb1

2909d ago
christocolus2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Nice Selection for the month of August imo.I played BG&E back on the original Xbox and I'm not a big fan of the WWE games but I'm gonna download both anyways also I'm really eager to try out Warriors O and Spelunky.

AngelicIceDiamond2909d ago

I've heard allot from Beyond Good and Evil I'll have to try it. Warriors Orochi 3 and WWE 216 are definite downloads very hot month for me.