Transformers: Dark of the Moon Extended Play

Optimus Pearson and Gastotron take on the new Transformers

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Spinal2662d ago

This was a very bad film. A murdered franchise.

X_iGame_X2662d ago

The film was good, however, the Transformers games always seem to be VERY VERY bad.

LoVeRSaMa2662d ago

I think they, did an ok job on the game this time, would be nice if it had a bigger production, like Twisted Metal or something :D

r1sh122662d ago

agreed the third film was pretty good.
It could have been a little more story, but all in all I liked it, as did most.
The few that didnt were the ones who didnt like optimus designs etc...
Its a decent film, but all games created from films tend to be bad.
Its the time scale that doesnt help

mafiahajeri2662d ago

Umm no the movie ones are crap try out war for cybertron a true hidden gem its amazing the SP is a blast and the mutiplayer is even FUNNER!!

r212662d ago

no, the film was great, IMO better than the first movie.
what 'murdered' the franchise was that awful story of Transformers 2 >:L