AusGamers: Post E3 Battlefield 3 Preview

AusGamers writes: "At the 2011 E3 expo, EA DICE were offering all that would queue long enough the opportunity to go hands-on with their hugely anticipated shooter Battlefield 3. As part of the coveted “Media” contingent, we would usually enjoy the benefit of skipping past these lines, but on day one of the show things weren’t running to schedule and so great was the popularity of the BF3 demo that we too were resigned to waiting over an hour turn (many of the general attendees would have been in for a much longer wait)."

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RegorL3643d ago

Lots of interesting info but the most interesting information was in parenthesis "(16 meatbags versus 16 AI for 32 players total)"

i.e. Onslaught mode?

All other media I have seen have reported they played against humans, Quality Assurance people that let them win...

Was this a Turing test?