Tony Hawk's Proving Ground: CVG Review

CVG writes: "The Tony Hawk games always were brilliant, and judging by this latest incarnation, they still are too. It's unbelievably refreshing, liberating even, to jump into a world free from the laws of gravity after being tied down by Skate's restrictive utopia. It's big, it's fast, it's a little bit mindless, and it's the perfect answer to all those niggles that held Skate back from true greatness. To quote the last line of the accompanying PR letter: "Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - still f**king brilliant."

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Agente474867d ago

Are they high? Skate owns TH.

solar4867d ago

agreed. the TH games are pretty crappy.

Wozzer4867d ago

This is the end of the line for Tony Hawk games, about time too.