Two RPGs that never made it to Australia

Australia is a fickle country. The land down under is a wild and rugged frontier, both for its citizens and for gamers alike. But also game developers and publishers. Unbeknown to some it is not, a land flowing with milk and honey. A place where American games get banned and European games can't find a publisher, it is no wonder that Australia plays any games at all.

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creamydingle2667d ago

Fail article Two worlds 2 made it to Australia I brought it from JB Hifi do some research. I brought it in store and it wasn't imported by jb it was a localised copy Australian ratings on it etc.

creamydingle2667d ago

and you can buy both games on Steam if you live in Australia really fail article how does this stuff get on n4g.

Iancranium2667d ago

When was this? I doubt it was Two Worlds II ...It got delayed so many times

creamydingle2667d ago

It was 3 to 4 weeks ago look at my trophy list look at the date i got my 1st Two worlds 2 trophy that was the day i brought it. psn username creamydingle or goto a jb hifi and buy it looks like there sold out online.

Iancranium2662d ago

Yer...EB Games and GAME didn't get it in stock either...Dunno why they were selling it at JBHIFI