Finality with Final Fantasy retrospective: Part XIII

This week ends their epic Final Fantasy retrospective by going over what it takes to make a Final Fantasy game. The rules to create a FF game worthy to be part of the Roman numeral series are pretty loose, but GT does their best to go over most of the minutia required for an installment in the franchise. Crystals vs. spheres, three party members or four, what role should Cid play? These are the hard questions SquareEnix has to sit down and answer before starting a project.

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socomnick4861d ago

Great video , I liked how they played homage to sakaguchi the creator of final fantasy. They said he is the true reason final fantasy was successful. Glad hes making lost odyssey it looks good. I liked final fantasy 7 , 8 , and 10. 11 is the mmo so I skipped it. Final fantasy 12 was horrible the only thing I did kinda like was the battle system and the gambits but the story was horrible. The summons in 12 was horrible also.

PlayStation3604861d ago

I agree with you on your first half. But disagree with you about 12, I rather liked it. But oh well, to each his own, right? I clicked agree, but I had to comment about my disagree. :P