Black Death PC Prototype demo emerges

GamePron: Black Death was announced last week, surrounded by murky clouds of mystery. Just a few days later, some of those clouds have lifted, with the French developers Darkworks releasing a sneaky teaser for the game.

…and while that word so commonly refers to a trailer, or some screenshots, Darkworks have gone all out, releasing a prototype demo for the game!

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Gigglefist2666d ago

Just finished the demo. Not too bad. A few things they could work on, but I'm ALWAYS looking forward to a new survival horror.

Hufandpuf2666d ago

Yeah the demo is ok, but I could not get past the zombie with the smoke armor. They need to make instructions clear.

ATiElite2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Devs need to pump up the volume on Zombie games. I watch a ton of zombie movies and so far only L4D comes close. if your a Dev and you want to make a better Zombie here are some tips....

1. Give the zombies some very good A.i. (sure they are dumb Zombies but the A.i. would increase the SURVIVAL aspect of the game).
2. Make use of lots of melee combat and make it fast fluid and gory. (never seen a Zombie movie with infinite gun ammo)
3. make running away a part of the game but don't over do it. (Cardio is very important)
4. using things within the environment as weapons or survival is important. climbing a simple ladder to give yourself time to think would do wonders for your game.
5. the game has to be totally open world like GTA except no cars but maybe a wagon to carry tools (see where this is going).
6. No gopher missions, no linear format, No story clues. Make the game so the player will have to survive (eat sleep hydrate heal wounds produce electricity) explore areas to find clues and tools to escape.
7. make random events that trigger out breaks or changes in the environment.
8. Don't need a bunch of useless NPC's, the whole game world should be a puzzle and you got to figure how to get out of it alive. Now this would rock.

I think once Devs start making real survival horror Zombie games instead of making FPS zombie games then the genre will progress pass COD DLC.

here's a link to the game so you can check out the video to black death.

Gigglefist2666d ago

Did you even play the demo?

Hufandpuf2666d ago

well the only thing in the game tht's on his list is #2

OpenGL2666d ago

Pretty awesome they released a demo already. Anyone know when the official release will be?

Ser2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Meh, the visuals were pretty, but that's about it.

I didn't find anything to be particularly horrifying. The zombies/infected/whatever just weren't scary.

SweatyFlorida2666d ago

yah just seen a bit of the demo, the zombies look kinda stupid tbh, and all the same looking as well. Slow attacks too. But the game looks pretty impressive visually.

GrumpyVeteran2666d ago

Just gave it a go. It was alright.

Also, drak, I thought the visuals were lacking incredibly. It's okay when you're in the fog but when you're not and you clearly see the textures, they're pretty bad :(

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