TGL Replay: Folklore

"Folklore is brimful of charm, from the detached and insular eerie simple surrounds of Doolin to the beautiful kaleidoscopic poetic vistas of the folk Netherworld. Everything is perfectly stylised and the bewildered misty greys of Doolin and the sumptuous primary’s of the folk world are perfectly complimentary to the character of each setting."

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SwilloTGL2662d ago

A forgotten classic. Love this game.

NewMonday2661d ago

very original gameplay and story, i love it.

ASTAROTH2661d ago

One of my favorite PS3 games of all time... very underrated and underapreciated also... Wow if somehow Sony could implement trophies on it I will play it again as I have it charmly in my collection..

Dark_Overlord2661d ago

Didn't the studio close down only a few days ago? That means trophies will definetely never happen now (not that they probably would anyway) :( A major shame really

ASTAROTH2660d ago

You are right man the studio closed but the IP is owned by SONY so the last thing to lost is hope!!!..