TGF Review - Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem is renowned across the gaming universe for three main traits; his childlike demeanour towards destruction, mayhem & obliteration of anything living, his sexist and chauvinistic approach to the female gender (or anything in a skirt) & his long awaited return to the World of Gaming. But finally, Sir Duke ‘King of Debauchery’ Nukem is here at last in Duke Nukem Forever. It must be good to be King…

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PSNghost882752d ago

i thought this is a good rating because it is definitely sticking to its crazy roots. i dont know why everyone was expecting some kind of next-gen shooter or simulator. This game will be loved by true duke nukem fans.

tunaks12752d ago

maybe if it was a 5 dollar download, but trash packed and sold for 60 leaves a horrible taste in the mouth.

PSNghost882752d ago

Really? Don't you think that is a bit of an overstatement? You are right about the $60 tho. I would say its worth $40.

tunaks12752d ago

I'm going to be honest, I've only played the demo, so I am a tad bit un-qualified to judge the entire game.

But it really does piss me off that DNF is getting by at 60, sure 5 is a little extreme, but from what I've read about the game it seems like it should have been a budget price at release.

DGenesis_2752d ago

Wow, 4 out of 5 must be pretty good!

pipipi2752d ago

im playing it, and its fun, not a big deal but its fun 4 me. i say if you like something, enjoy it, no matter what people says, and no matter what stupid or clever reviews says.
many people says alice madness returns sucks, but it doesnt, same as call of duty, and it doesnt for me, so i dont care about reviewers, and i am baised on single player (call of duty)

Minartis2752d ago

I played the demo , I thought the bit in the stadium was pretty good , but the bit in the canyon after the car ride - I didn't like so much.

Maybe I'll give the demo another go....