New Locations in Metal Gear Solid 4

Game Head speaks with Ryan Peyton about new locations in Metal Gear Solid 4.

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gamesblow4867d ago

Ryan is a cool guy... He reminds me of Matthew Good, only ... not that cool. Like 87 degrees warmer.

PANDADjCK4867d ago

I can't fu**ing wait to see the opening, i'm starting to get nervous.

Maldread4867d ago

Yeah me too, because it`s Kojima it`s bound to be great ;)

5 different environments should be great too. Alaska huh Vojkan, you could be right about that :)

Shinro4867d ago

so it's settled to that number? I was expecting a lot more but that's plenty enough. :P

E. Europe

i wonder if those two will take place on other continents... its amazing that they kept the loactions a secret all this time.

Vojkan4867d ago

one of 5 is Alaska, from first game. Probably last destination.

gw4k4867d ago

I want this game!

Sony needs this very badly!

rushbd4867d ago

as said correctly by peter

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