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In its latest editorial, ponders why Killzone 3 didn't sell as well as many expected. There are many factors to consider...

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fr0sty2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Because it's a space marine FPS released into a market flooded with space marine FPS's, which had a story that was generic at best, acting that was generic at best, and gameplay that was repetitive just like the last one. Don't get me wrong, KZ3 has points where it shines, such as multiplayer, but other than that it's just another run of the mill space marine shooter. When it's going up against the likes of Gears and Halo, it just didn't bring enough to the table to compete. I was curious why they bothered making it honestly, I got so bored with the repetition of shooting wave after wave of faceless red-eyed enemy clones in KZ2 that I never even bothered to finish it. Got to the last boss and just lost interest. The story didn't entertain me enough to even care to know what happens when you killed him.

GG made a pretty graphics engine... if they put half as much effort into the story and gameplay, they would have had a AAA blockbuster on their hands (much like Crytek's games). In their defense, few games get the feel of shooting a gun as correct as the killzone games do. The gunplay and graphics are top notch, while the rest lags behind. And the cheesy voice acting that seems like 12 year old wrote it, forced foul language and all, just killed it for me. Not to mention Rico's annoying ass.

Warprincess1162668d ago

Um... it not 2007 anymore. I don't know where you see a market of marine FPS's. Everything is modern now. KZ3 was a good game. It was really fun and the graphics were amazing. Multiplayer was way better than KZ2. Overall the game was just perfect. So stop trolling.

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longcat2667d ago

I'm not paying $60 for an fps anymore...too many of them quite frankly, and i get bored of multiplayer quickly

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fr0sty2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Gears of War and Halo 3/ODST/Reach/4 dominate the space marine market... My point is that KZ didn't bring enough to the table to really compete against these games (not saying they're in direct competition being that they're console exclusives, but that is the standard that the killzone games will be measured against anyway).

And since when does expressing a valid opinion = trolling? Go back to your corner and cry you butthurt fanboy. I'm one of Sony's strongest supporters, but I'm not so blinded by brand loyalty that I don't call a game for it's weaknesses just because it's on my system of choice.

TheDivine2667d ago

It was a fun game, co-op was decent but it was 5 hrs long, needed either 4 player co-op or a full 2 screens not little blocks, needed online co-op, slitscreen multiplayer exc. It was pretty and fun but really lacking in content not to mention it was buggy and unfinished. Truth is most ps3 owners bought black ops instead.

killerhog2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

killzone 3 lacked compared to killzone 2. the damage is a bit inconsistent, the servers are a bit unstable (at least this past week it was), the online felt downgraded (there was way more guerrilla could of done), and lets not forget the absence of custom games, then the inclusion of a useless custom game.

see warprince this is why people are starting to hate fanboys, regardless of their console choice. Im a ps3 fan (but i do respect other consoles), and im also a killzone fan, but when you write shit like that i cant help but wanna strangle you.

stop trying to trick yourself into believing things are fine and perfect because you are a fan. cause if thats the case then you arent helping the game and only keeping it broken. true fans admit and state flaws

P.S is still doesnt get old when you call other people a troll

thugbob2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Killzone 2 is better than Killzone 3 that is why. Killzone 3 is not perfect at all warprincess. Killzone 3 is average and a disappointment because it tried to copy Call of Duty like Cryrsis did. Killzone 3 was not unique. Killzone 2 remains the best PS3 exclusive shooter. Killzone 4 might take that title some day, but Killzone 3 is definitely part of the failure list of First Person Shooters of the crowed 2011 year.

bloodybutcher2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

kz3 is an ok game,im not saying i didnt enjoy playing it.but both sp and especially mp are better in kz2.only thing i really like on kz3 is Operations mode.but even here GG screwed up,i mean 3 maps?

darksied2667d ago

I'd like to disagree with you on that. Killzone 3 was NOT a perfect game. I didn't play the single player much (played a few levels, got bored, and left it) so that be better, but the multiplayer was, to put it kindly, dated. The graphics were the only area where the game excelled.

I kept hearing all this talk about how Killzone 3 was so much superior to Killzone 2 and all that; that the beta fixed and changed so many things for the better, that this game was going to be THE shooter to play. One of the problems, though, is that the game felt like it was 5 years old when it came out. Everything was unbalanced, broken, and buggy. Anyone who played it early, you should know what I'm talking about. Then inexcusable errors, like the DLC map rotation one ... ugh. I don't like Activision one bit, but Black Ops for ps3 was far superior in my opinion, and I don't even like that game that much. Only NOW after all the patches, did they fix some of those issues and it's playable to a better extent.

That's just my opinion though. I don't know why it didn't sell better; probably because the market is flooded with shooters and people know they're going to buy the next Call of Duty, so they're saving their money.

JBaby3432667d ago

I gotta agree with killerhog and thugbob. I thought Killzone 2 was much more enjoyable. The only thing I didn't like in KZ2 was Rico's mouth. Otherwise I thought the level design was better, the dark and gritty look was better, and I liked the MP better as well. Killzone 3 actually disappointed me because they tried to make it too much like COD and Crysis. They lost the Helghan edge in the atmospherics and lights. I even liked Killzone 2 more in the 2007 trailer that all the jealous haters referred to as "grayzone" and "blackzone" than I did the release version. That was ominous and Helghan-like. Killzone 3 for all its technical capabilities fell short in many other areas.

SilentNegotiator2667d ago

Is it "Pretend Killzone 3 Sold Poorly Day"?

1.6 million is SOOOOO horrible.
.....glad I could be a part of the festivities.

Washington-Capitals2667d ago

I thought fanboys didnt care about sales, so why do you have to defend killzone? LOL

Reason it didnt sell well? Its a niche game, doesn't appeal to everyone like a call of duty or battlefield. Only certain players will enjoy kz3 controls/gameplay/mp etc.

rexbolt2667d ago

since when are u allowed to speak on this site? ur the troll miss i have one buuble and still aint banned yet kinda weird lol and he means future /sifi just stop coomenting on here

Gawdl3y2667d ago

Killzone 2 was a superior game to Killzone 3 when it comes to multiplayer. So much was stripped out and dumbed down in Killzone 3, that it feels like KZ2 and KZ3 should have their numbers swapped.

I was REALLY looking forward to KZ3. Then they kept saying that they were going to make the game more accessible, which worried me. The game finally came out, and there were no public custom ranked matches, a stupid spawn grenade replacement, terrible spawn camping, unbalanced guns, laggy games, way-too-low player health, and just overall noob-friendliness. Needless to say, I was disappointed after I played for a while.

Don't get me wrong, the multiplayer is still fun, and great for a few hours every once in a while, but it didn't last me nearly as long as KZ2 did, and doesn't compare to what KZ2 accomplished.

When it comes to campaign mode, though, KZ3 was a huge improvement, IMO. There was much more variety than there was in KZ2's campaign, and they vastly improved your teammate's AI, while still keeping the enemy AI clever and challenging.

kza2667d ago

NOOB KZ2 is MUCH better than KZ3. They changed KZ3 controls because of people like u!!

afterMoth2667d ago

KZ2 is a much better game. KZ3 had 1 and repeat 1 amazing level with the snow and the ocean and jet pack. The rest was boring and generic feeling and the level designes weren't close to the greatness of KZ2.

RedDead2667d ago

Beta turned me off it, gameplay changed for the worse.

zero_gamer2667d ago

Why is the game perfect? Oh wait, it is a SONY PlayStation 3 game of course! Everything SONY does is so revolutionary and perfect. Saying otherwise is just pure trolling.

gamingdroid2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I was thinking of getting the super uber edition of KZ3, since it is on sale... but changed my mine. Saved me $50-60 guys.

I will do a rental one of these days instead or pick it up when it hits the bargain bin....

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Gray-Fox-Type02668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Graphics are amazing, but graphics alone don't sell a game. But I agree the whole generic feel of the game doesn't do the graphics justice. Talking about the story and characters and voice acting.

ShoryukenII2667d ago

Stahl, Orlock and Visari have great voice actors. Radec in Killzone 2 was great to listen to as well. If Killzone 4 wants to replicate Killzone 2's success. They should make it not suck and let us play as Helghast with a separate online co-op campaign and a lot more Operations. Guerilla Warfare must be removed.


I know this article is flawed as u cant compare the 2year life time sales of killzone 2 to 6months of killzone 3 but im gonna admit kz3 sucked...I prefere killzone2 over 3....In kz3 the guns just feel light and the gun sounds r not as good as kz2..KZ2 graphics r kinda of better in some areas,The jungle level in kz3 is just saturated with colours and sometimes online u cant c a player....And the online is a campers paradise...U get a marksman thats invinsible with a automatic pistol and even when he kills or shoot he stays invisible and dose not show on ur radar.....I can easily get 30kills and 5 deaths doing that which i have tried b4 and it worked.

gapecanpie2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I'm not sure if Sony own GG but if Sony don't own them then GG should consider going multi platform and if Sony do own GG then I feel sorry for them.

fr0sty2667d ago

Going multiplat won't magically make GG's games any better, so I do not see your point.

CernaML2667d ago

Because that totally worked out for Ninja Theory right?

NukaCola2667d ago


To be fair on Ninja Theory...Those assheads bitched and complained about Sony, and tried to sell a niche adventure title, marketing directly with a shooter-based console (360) while at the same time bashing PS3 gamers. Ninja Theory deserved to fail.

gapecanpie2667d ago


If you and the people who agreed with you don't get my point then I feel sorry for you guys.

The schools are failing us :(

kikizoo2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

"Going multiplat won't magically make GG's games any better, so I do not see your point. "

Any better ? they are one of the best this gen, even with biased sites, "picknicking" at best (like gt5)the scores are great on metacritics, the same game (without that kind of graphics will have 9,5 minimum for xbox ...

by the way the game can't be ported to inferior hardware with that kind of graphics, physicis, etc, even the multiplayer has better graphics than solo for others fps.

edit : it's funny too see here many new multiaccount and well known fanboys without games, talking about a game they can only dream of, pathetic desperate xboys.

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Peaceful_Jelly2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Poor reputation and marketing. That's my take.

Reputation killed Sega and in the same way it killed Killzone since the beginning. I played Killzone 2 and 3 and based on what I have played and the things I have read on the other similar article I just can believe some of the atrocities some people are saying. Killzone has crap graphics, Killzone is generic, Killzone has crap gameplay?

- I don't know what game those guys played but Killzone graphics are absolutely magnificent. I even dare to say that there's no better looking game on consoles right now. Rage is the only game that has a good chance of surpassing it.

- Killzone has a really unique art-style and setting. And how can I prove that this is not an opinion but a fact? Just by looking any Killzone screen-shot you can tell right away what game it is even when you haven't even played it yet. Unlike something like Crysis 2 where you remove the nano-suite and you would think you're playing a COD game or something.

With 3D on and off, almost no difference in aliasing :

- Gameplay is the only point debatable here. While some think that KZ2 weighty feel make the gameplay unique others think that the lag ruins it. Then we have some people saying KZ3 was an improvement while other doesn't like the COD feel. But Killzone 3 is not a bad game by any means. I really don't know how people can say that it sucks and this is coming from someone that doesn't even like FPS games.

Ju2667d ago

I actually agree with you but clicked the wrong button...

otherZinc2667d ago

1. Killzone is average.
2. Killzone is very scripted.
3. Killzone enemy AI is average.
4. Killzone campaign co-op online, where is it?
5. Killzone vehicle control is scripted.
6. Killzone is nothing special at all.

Don't say its advertising or anything, people hype this game through the roof. Killzone started as a Halo killer & killed nothing.

Killzone has had 3 iterations to generate interest & didn't succeed at retail. There are no excuses, Killzone is a very average series, period.

KonaBro2667d ago

Killzone is one of the best FPS series in the last few generations. The only reason it doesn't do so well is because it has to compete with casual juggernaut Call of Duty. The "Halo Killer" moniker was never started by Guerrilla Games, it was the media so get your facts straight. Halo never made a difference because it was on the 360 and Xbox but put CoD in the equation and even Microsoft has to pay Activision money and attention over their treasured Halo franchise. Stop trolling.

JBaby3432667d ago

otherzinc you're argument failed right at "Killzone enemy AI is average." I know you must not have even played this game. While #'s 1 & 6 are complete opinions and KZ3 has #4, everyone pretty much agrees that KZ 2 & 3 have some of the best AI ever in a shooting game.

Problem is it is more of a niche game and not a noob-friendly shoot-em-up like COD and Halo series. It's not to say that those games are somehow garbage they are just different and their style appeals more to the masses.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2667d ago

You can also say that about the Call of Duty series but pick on Killzone 3 why don't you.

likedamaster2667d ago


"...otherzinc you're argument failed right at "Killzone enemy AI is average." "

If you compare it to other games' AI like, for example Fear 3, KZ3 falls really short.

Biggest2667d ago

You named one game. Go ahead and compare it to other FPS games. Killzone 2 and 3 have superior AI.

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JMyers2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Are you nuts? Do you even know of the Killzone Universe and history? The story is by far better than "the biggest selling shooter of all time" (yes COD).

KZ is not style and looks over substance, its both. The story is concrete, and the online is varied and yet unique. Secondly, with all the shooters out there KZ offers an experience unmatched by others.

KZ3 was a weaker game yes. Made simplier by people who couldn't handle the controls, it was CODderised by people like you, who seem content with broken gameplay and no innovation. KZ2 and KZ3 are different games. That online makes its a step up from most shooters. GG are not scared of trying new ideas, and bring in new fans. The only thing wrong with KZ 2 was Rico. This was fixed in 3, some thought the game was too different, while others thought it was a breath of fresh air.

Anyways, go autoaim and run on flat levels and pay for expensive maps, medicore gameplay, unbalanced online, and an overall broken rehash. I'll stick to Killzone. A game thast not afraid to try new things, and looks great while doing it.

I guess sales means a good quality experience...?

Doletskaya2667d ago

You mean its backstory, not the story in the campaign. I played through both KZ2 and KZ3 campaigns, and I must admit that both stories especially KZ3 are extremely generic and uninteresting. Not to mention that the main characters in KZ3 are just some of the most boring in the FPSs that have over 80 on metacritic.

And multiplayer is far superior on KZ2 than on KZ3. GG wasted too much time and resources on the controls and removing stuff from KZ2 mp, which was unnecessary. More importantly, they didn't nearly add enough interesting features to make KZ3 mp fresh and fun for KZ2 veterans.

KZ3's sales weren't bad, but there's no way in its lifetime that it will outsell KZ2.

chidori6662667d ago

because killzone 3 is a rushed game!

hiredhelp2667d ago

Not being ablle to create your own lobby. like kz2 were you can scroll threw them was a let down but im not supprised as now it seems more devs taken the cheap easy route of matchmaking.
socom confrontation, socom 4 now machmaking
kz2 host create your own lobby now matchmaking
modnation racers was region locked servers now open.

sorry had to get that off my chest just fedup corp bosses in companys that make millions on each game inc downloadable content they cant be assed to give us the gamers a stable server.

mayberry2667d ago

Some of what you said, I agree with. but you fail to mention everything kz3 gets "right"! Way more than "gunplay" and "graphics". A.I., 7.1 surrond sound- let alone the improved sound effects in game!improved grenade effects and sound, more weapons, bullet physics, lighting, multiplayer, on and on. killzone 3 is just a "niche" game, for a discerning gamer that wants more than halo-cod.

Knushwood Butt2667d ago

Basically, what perfectAssGirlGamer said.

Why are the sales of KZ3 being compared to the lifetime sales of KZ2?

pixelsword2667d ago

flamebait, pure and simple.

Pixel_Pusher2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

"VG Charts reported"

another garbage article with the same sh***y source = vgchartz

Anon19742667d ago

Yeah, this was already failed once. Report this. Just a flamebait article based on vgchartz nonsense.

Here was the other.

This is clearly a duplicate.

kingdoms2667d ago

PS3 exclusives are nothing more than tech demos. PS3 exclusives often have last generation gameplay design and poorly implemented gameplay mechanics.

Killzone isn't fun and has no lasting appeal. I still have the bad taste of KZ2 in my mouth. I purchased KZ2 and beat it on launch day and 3 days later traded it in. Played KZ2 multiplayer once and it was rubbish. I hated fighting the lag and hit point system on a controller that's already bad enough for FPS.

GamerPS3602667d ago

"PS3 exclusives are nothing more than tech demos. PS3 exclusives often have last generation gameplay design and poorly implemented gameplay mechanics."

I am not fan of Killzone, Halo, Gears, Uncharted. I don't like any of them. so, does that make PS3 and 360 exclusives are garbage. Oh, COD series is piece of junk, if you ask me. :)

By the way, Demon Souls "ps3 exclusive" is so far the best game, I have ever played this generation.

Kungfue2667d ago


from what you said sounds like your talking about 360 exclusive to me.

rexbolt2667d ago

though i agree with u in some point please dont bring up halo that game is bad... u can litterly go though more then half the game without shooting a bullet litterly u can bash ur way thrugh all the baddies septt eh bigger ones lol and its soo slow and floaty and outerspacy and weird and soooo kiddy it makes telly tubies seem for adults halo is way to kiddy its disturing

mendicant2667d ago

Translation: I've never played a Halo game.

mendicant2667d ago

What you said is complete crap.

P_Bomb2667d ago

How is it going up against Gears, the last Gears was 3-something year ago? Gears has nothing to do with anything on the PS3.

If you got to the last boss before losing interest, that's actually a compliment.

Soon as you brought up Crytek, I stopped reading. Game #101 in NYC with a Supersoldier difficulty I literally walked through invisible. Takes cajones to diss KZ2's last boss when Crysis 2 didn't even have a last boss.

hamburger1232667d ago

Because maybe Sony has too much exclusives lol

mendicant2667d ago

Then perhaps they should stop spreading so thin and focus.

skrug2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

"Because it's a space marine FPS released into a market flooded with space marine FPS's,..."

"Gears of War and Halo 3/ODST/Reach/4 dominate the space marine market... "

You said FPS.. GeOW is not FPS...

And then you go on to list 4 games that are from the same series... and 1 is not even out any time soon..

showtimefolks2667d ago

3 days in a row yeh yeh for some reason people think selling 1.6 million copies in 5 months is not as good as KZ2 selling 2.6 million lifetime

let it go move on there are more games coming out

dues ex
resistance 3

will be my next FPS shooters

only this gen where a game gen 8.5 means its a bad game and where if a game doesn't sell 10 million copies its a bad thing

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M-Easy2668d ago

Why does this dumb opinion piece exists? Because some other idiot opinion piece made it seem like KZ3 not out selling the entire life sales of KZ2 in under 5 months was some sort of catastrophe. In an industry where < 5% of all games sell under a million copies I'd say KZ3 did and is doing damn well.

NYC_Gamer2668d ago

not many people were interested in killzone 3

SuperLupe2667d ago

Have to admit I didnt feel much hype anywhere on the net for KZ3, maybe just a bit on N4G but thats pretty much it.

Mottsy2668d ago

How many different ways are they going to try and save this topic. We seen it already.
lets get original here news people.

zinkabassy2668d ago

I would like to sell around 2 millions of my game in 4 months,..
Yes please.