Crytek has "fallen in love with Kinect" - Microsoft Games Studio boss

OXM UK: "Microsoft's partnership with Crytek to develop Xbox 360 exclusive Ryse represents the "perfect marriage" of the manufacturer's Kinect strategy and the developer's creative aspirations, according to corporate vice-president Phil Spencer."

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Inside_out2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I think that is how the title should read. It would appear that M$ is embracing Crytek and Crytek is returning the wonder how EA feels about this as everyone should know that EA is very up set with M$ throwing, what must be millions and millions of dollars at Actvision for exclusive timed DLC for COD and one can assume NOT EA and their MOH and Battlefield franchises.

As these 2 giants become best friends, you can't help but think that maybe a new exclusive deal is in the works for a new game for the new Xbox...maybe the Timesplitters franchise. Maybe Crytek might leave EA all together for MGS???

One thing is for sure...the industry is still smarting over the thought that M$ has given Crytek the inside track on development for the new Xbox. Epic must be concerned since they made a small fortune on the Unreal 3 360 middle-ware. Will have to keep a eye on these two.

TekoIie2690d ago

I wouldnt mind seeing Crytek become M$'s "new" EPIC. I would be able to play gears on my ps3 where most my friends are and Gears has only ever had connection faults which has been the main let down of the franchise. But for a ps3 fan to say they dont want gears on ps3 is going miss out big time.

gamingdroid2690d ago

I think there are great games on all platforms (yes, including the Wii) and you would loose out big if you limit yourself to a set of games wetter that be exclusives only, one platform only or even just hardcore games.

I try them all and try to be open and then decide if it is for me. It's like that guy from Bizarre Food where this guy, Andrew Zimmern, tries all these nasty odd looking food, but imagine what you will never know what taste like good or bad!

That said, since I prefer the Xbox 360 controller, I would love for Uncharted to be on the Xbox 360. Maybe I will splurge and buy that stup!d converter to get my Xbox 360 controller working on my PS3 soon....

Raven_Nomad2690d ago

I think it's safe to say Microsoft has deals with Epic and Crytek. Why limit it to one?

Glad Crytek is doing great things with Kinect and Microsoft though, they are a very credible company and anything they put out on Kinect only helps with that being taken more seriously as well.

newhumanbreed2689d ago

Sorry, but you will never be able to play Gears on PS3. It's published by Microsoft Game Studios. Same reason you won't see Halo or Mass effect on it. The only reason Mass Effect 2 went multi-platform is because it was published by EA.

EVILDEAD3602690d ago

After what may be another great holiday for Kinect..2012 is where Kinect will finally start to build on it's potential.

Bioware...Mass Effect 3

Ubisoft...Ghost Recon Anniversary

Lionhead...Fable Journey


EA...Madden, Tiger Woods, Fifa

343 Studios..Halo 4

The plot is starting to thicken


slavish32690d ago

halo remake too and child of eden

btk2690d ago

Not likely...
Some games is suited to camera motion controls. Until we see 1920x1080 cameras at 60 or 120 fps, don't expect more from Kinect that just more Dancing games.

EVILDEAD3602690d ago

@ btk..they already have more than dancing games..welcome to 2 years ago

theonlylolking2690d ago

I think it is obvious crytek is being bribed by M$.

AAACE52690d ago

If MS bought them now, they would have the better half of the ex-Rare team!

SilentNegotiator2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

....he said, counting Microsoft's funding.
This sort of thing was never a part of Crytech's repertoire, and now with a contract, they're suddenly ecstatic about motion control.

As long as Crytech is hyped for their 'amazing' engine designed to work with consoles, the one that allowed Crysis 2 to be sub-HD with no anti-aliasing and with screen tearing on the 360 (same w/ps3), Microsoft will keep them close by, just like they did with Epic games.

Venjense2690d ago

You forgot to mention the horrible huge blocky grain half way through the campaign that makes to game look terrible.

2690d ago
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dirigiblebill2690d ago

Given how much they like simulated physics, I'd say DICE could do great things with Kinect as a full-body controller.

TekoIie2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Im still being cautious about buying kinect games game. I mean while Ryse looks absolutely amazing and fun to play we all have to wait to see if it works since kinect feels more like a prototype of what MS really want to do with this technology. But after seeing the "origional" star wars kinect gameplay last year and then seeing it this year, i wouldn't be surprised if Crytek's footage turned out to be fake...

dragonelite2690d ago

Most of that trailer was prerendered trailer so yeah.
The concept is cool for kinect owners but i hope the controller base people can play it like Dark messiah or Skyrim first person mode.

FlashXIII2690d ago

Tbh I don't think MS really knows what it wants to do with Kinect. I always felt that it was created to be a nice big marketable gimmick which would initially entice families to it.

Don't get me wrong, kinect is an impressive piece of technology but the amount of space it requires to play in is a joke and certainly not very family friendly unless you want to be moving furniture around when you game.

That star wars game pretty much sums up my thoughts to microsoft these days. Just look at the E3 trailer.. possibly the coolest most awesome way to sell kinect and it's reduced to something that looks like it belongs on some kids channel in the pokemon commercials or whatever is popular with children these days.

LightofDarkness2690d ago

I don't think people realise just how tiring sword fighting is. There's a reason we let our thumbs and controllers do the work in most games: the actions represented in games are superhuman at the best of times, and I don't personally know of any superhumans around here...

Fine, let's say it's gesture based, then what happens? Then we have Star Wars Kinect: unresponsive, non-1:1 on-rails "fun."

I'm all for the casual side of Kinect, Kinect Sports is fun and so is Dance Central, but gesture/motion controls simply don't translate well in the enthusiast market. I've still yet to see any convincing shooting mechanics, too.

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