Manhunt 2: review

" picked up a copy to see just how violent is 'too violent.' Short answer: quite." has published what seems to be a complaint but reads more like a game review. The verdict:

"Manhunt 2 is easily the most graphic game I've played. While the actual body count is lower than the many war games or the popular Half-Life series, the way in which I was sneaking and attacking, made each casualty much more realistic.

It's difficult to compare digital blood to film blood, but based on the language and sex, parents who don't allow their children to watch R-rated films should keep them away from this game.

Like second-hand smoke, children shouldn't be in the same room as Manhunt 2."

Score: 5 out of 5 stars (Just kidding)

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GLoRyKnoT4864d ago

I like Manhunt 2 :)

So, others opinion's means what?

Rockstar ROCKS!!