GamePro: Which Shooter Will You Choose?

Over the next few months a landslide of shooters are coming out. In more than one way these games re-define and obliterate the genre; knocking down barriers and giving players more freedom. These 10 games will change the way you think about shooters...

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Jandre024863d ago

is he just talking this year?

jiggyjay4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

Talking about a great deal! If you want COD4 get it for the 360 because Circuit City is offering a free copy of COD3 and a poster. Best Buy is also offering with its copy of COD4 for xbox 360 a free dvd of "Behind Enemy Lines" and you can also get $20 off a wireless headset! Awesome deal for a game of the year candidate!

mighty_douche4862d ago

now unless you know something i dont, that doesnt include KZ2.

Jandre024862d ago

Is coming out in Feb (if it doesnt get delayed.)
So since "few" isnt really a set number, few to me puts really anything in Q1 within range.

Also Army of Two's release date is Q1 2008. Its odd to overlook what could potentially be the best exclusive PS3 shooter, or the best looking shooter period of all time? (Minus Crysis)

Clinton5144862d ago

What's with the illusion that gamers have to stick to one online game? I can spread my time out and enjoy everything.


COD4 smokes the competition.

Army of Two = Delayed. UT3 = Delayed.

Timeshift, Turok & Bad Company = rentals

felman874862d ago

COD4, UT3 and maybe Haze depending on the reviews

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The story is too old to be commented.